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Ski review: Dynastar PRoto 18/19

Dynastar's marketing strategy is working so well because the company can utilise its contracts with famous riders to the max. Not much time has passed since Richard Permis has become an ambassador of Dynastar and the company has already made this new pro-model - PRoto. Let's take a closer look.


Ski test: Blizzard Quattro RX 18/19

As the all-mountain skis developed over time, we forgot, that initially there were just broad on-piste skis. This time we test a very nostalgic ski model from Blizzard - Quattro RX. Let's see how it was in the past.


Ski collection review: Blizzard Firebird 18/19

Brand new ski collections by Blizzard have never been simple, compact, and transparent. There always were many models, but it was unclear what exactly is the difference between them. This season the new Firebird Collection is in contrast quite understandable. Let's take a look at the collection and see what it offers.

Ski rating: Top 3 17/18 Skis in eight categories

Selecting skis has always been demanding and complicated for all skiers. It is safe to say that it is not possible to ever finish this process, one can merely pause it. Because of the diversity of skis, it is not simple to find one’s bearings. We at Yourkimagazine decided to make your life much easier and chose the best skis in each category according to our opinion. The skis were rated according to the specific criteria for each skiing style; because, what is good for one style is not always good for another. All the skis that make up this rating were tested by the Yourski Team. This means that these skis are the best of the tested. Please note that there could be other very good skis that did not make it to this rating, as we could not test them. It would be unfair for our part to include there something that we did not examine ourselves..

Ski rating: GS/RC/XT 2017-18

This category includes skis for on-piste skiing with medium to large curves. Such skis should be stable at a high speed and be grasping on an icy piste. They must also be controllable on a bumpy and a soft piste, as well as have the variability of turn radius.

3. Atomic Redster G9

Third place for high effectiveness at carving turns.


Ski rating: Freeski 2017-18

This category refers to the skis that are made for those who prefer on-piste skiing with an occasional deviation from a piste, which does not extend to pure freeride. This means no technique limits, fast carving, sliding manoeuvres, a bit of jumping, and snow park riding. Such skis should be controllable, responsive, and frisky. They must be reliable and predictable, but simultaneously “provoke” a skier to have a crazy, fun ride.

3. Faction CT4.0


Ski test: Salomon S/Race Pro 182 18/19

This season Salomon has renewed its giant-slalom collection. Today we're testing an amateur-athlete model Salomon S/Race Pro 182. Beforehand, skis of that category were quite decent. With a hope for changes for better, we start the tests.


Ski Test: Salomon S/Race Rush GS 175 18/19

It never was understandable, why and for what purpose do ski manufacturers make so many variants of pseudo-athletic skis. Today, however, we'll test one of those - Salomon S/Race Rush GS 175.


Ski Test: Elan Amphibio 16Ti2 18/19

Elan Amphibio 16Ti2 has a long and complicated history. There were times when the ski has not been fully understood, and times when it was merely tolerated. This season, the ski is generally very good and definitely worth testing to see if the ski is still good.


Ski Test: Elan Amphibio 84 XTi 18/19

Elan Amphibio 84 XTi is a very old ski model that requires changes because throughout its history the ski hasn't really ever been great. Let's test it with a hope that the ski got better this season.