Ski test: Salomon S/Race Pro 182 18/19

This season Salomon has renewed its giant-slalom collection. Today we're testing an amateur-athlete model Salomon S/Race Pro 182. Beforehand, skis of that category were quite decent. With a hope for changes for better, we start the tests.


Ski Test: Salomon S/Race Rush GS 175 18/19

It never was understandable, why and for what purpose do ski manufacturers make so many variants of pseudo-athletic skis. Today, however, we'll test one of those - Salomon S/Race Rush GS 175.


Ski Test: Elan Amphibio 16Ti2 18/19

Elan Amphibio 16Ti2 has a long and complicated history. There were times when the ski has not been fully understood, and times when it was merely tolerated. This season, the ski is generally very good and definitely worth testing to see if the ski is still good.


Ski Test: Elan Amphibio 84 XTi 18/19

Elan Amphibio 84 XTi is a very old ski model that requires changes because throughout its history the ski hasn't really ever been great. Let's test it with a hope that the ski got better this season.


Ski Collection Review: Elan Element at ISPO 2018

Elan is arguably the most technological ski manufacturer. In each end, every ski collection they produce there is always something new and technological. Doesn't matter how well it works. This season Elan presented a new ski collection called Element. It uses a technology, that in fact has already been tested before.

Ski test: Fischer Ranger 108Ti 18/19

Fischer Ranger 108Ti is an old ski, where "old" means respected, tested, and perfected. It was tested in all conditions imaginable. But today was special - visibility, snow condition, and many other factors were just right for texting this particular ski. It was the time when a test ride became fun skiing experience.


Ski Test: Fischer Ranger 102FR 18/17

Today we'll test a very interesting ski model: Fischer Ranger 102FR. The ski has two reasons to be that interesting. Firstly, Fischer never had any decent multipurpose freeride ski with a waist width of 102mm, and this is the first ski of such kind. Secondly, this ski looked very promising at ISPO 2018. So let's test the ski in different conditions.


Ski Collection: Fischer Ranger 18/19 at ISPO 2018

Today we'll take a look at a very old ski collection. Not necessarily because we want to see how old skis develop further, but because we want to check out the newest ski in this collection. The collection is Fischer Ranger, and the new ski is Fischer Ranger 102FR.

Equipment Rewiev: Head Kore Boots

Head is now one of the brands who by circumstance or as a result of mere carelessness catches up with the rest of the industry when it comes to ski boots with both alpine and TLT compatibility. Only this year the company demonstrated such a boot. It is a part of Kore collection. Let's take a look at it.


Ski rating: Frontside 2017-18

This category includes skis for those who prefer to stay within a resort’s limits but who has no boundaries in terms of terrain. Such skis must be stable and controllable on a hard or an icy piste. Things like vibration damping on a bumpy slope and universality in terms of technique are also of great significance. The skis must allow to easily swap carving on a hard slope with sliding in a soft snow.

3. K2 Marksman

Third place for being totally universal and comfortable.