On-Piste Skiing: The Snowplough

In the first part of our basic on-piste skiing tutorial we will learn the first skiing position called "the snowplough".


Ski Test: Elan Amphibio 14Ti

Today we tested an old, but an interesting ski model by Elan - Amphibio 14Ti. We wanted to see if the ski has undergone any (detrimental) changes since the last year and if the ski can still be called one of the best beginner ski out there, taking new models by Elans competitors into account. After all, it is never a bad idea to ski on a good ski.


On-Piste Skiing: Choosing the right place

In this part of our basic on-piste skiing tutorial we will talk about choosing the right place for your first skiing exercises.


On-Piste Skiing: Choosing the right gear

In this part of our basic on-piste skiing tutorial we will talk about choosing the right gear for your first skiing trip. This tutorial will help you to learn how to ski in a comfortable and efficient way.


On-Piste Skiing: Introduction

You want to learn how to ski? Great! Here is a set of our original tutorials which will help you with this noblest endeavour. Firstly, let's talk about crucial stuff, such as setting goals, the importance of exercises, and other things to keep in mind before setting off to the mountain.


Ski test: Völkl 100Eight 17/18

Testing skis is not easy. Sometimes it seems like you know everything about certain skis, so you don't expect a lot from them. However in reality due to different reasons like snow condition or slope angle, a ski starts to work not as you have expected, making you change your opinion. Völkl 100Eight is a well-known ski, but let's see if this ski can cause such opinion shift.

Ski Test: DPS Foundation Cassiar F82

Everything has its purpose and function. But it is not forbidden to use some things not as they were meant to be used. Sometimes such changes yield exciting and unexpected results. So now, let's see what happens when a manufacturer known for ski-touring skis makes a carving ski model.


Ski Test: Salomon XDR 88Ti


Equipment Review: Rossignol Alltrack LT at ISPO 2018

Each new technological solution in the ski industry can be tested by the "Rossi-Test", meaning, that if a technology is implemented by Rossignol after a couple of years, then this is a good technology. This season, the test was successfully passed by the technology of combined alpine and TLT boots. It appeared in the AlTrack LT boot series.


Ski Collection Review: Head Kore 18/19 at ISPO 2018

Last season Head presented their new freeride collection called Kore. It featured brand new skis and not upgraded old ones. In practice, they have been proven to be interesting and well designed. This season the collection has a couple of changes. Let’s take a look at them.