Ski rating: AllMountain 2016-17

AllMountain - the skis for those who are not lacking in skill to ski on any kind of piste. They must not be limited by the curve radius. Also, such skis have to be controllable on a bumpy piste, grasping on an icy piste, stable at a high speed, dynamic in quick turns, good at maintaining a curve, and comfortable during a sideslip.


Ski rating: AllRound 2016-17

This category refers to the simplest and the most widespread skis, designed for recreational skiing: the style that does not imply any determined stylistics, skill, aggression or speed but sets enjoyment as the foremost goal. Skis for this style should be steerable, comfortable, manoeuvrable and independent from snow and piste quality: skiing must be enjoyable in any condition.


Ski rating: SL/SC 2017-18

The category contains carving skis. They are intended for on-piste skiing with short and frequent turns. Dynamics, elasticity, and grip are the most important features of such skis.

3. Elan SLX Fusion

Third place for controllability, dynamics, and elasticity

2. Salomon X-Race SW 165


Elan Ibex (Seson 2017 - 2018)

Elan always had a lot of skis for ski tour. Most popular model is Ripstick. But in mountaneering and pro ski tour Elan never were so successfull. So Elan decided to fix it.


Ski test: Armada ARV 116 (Seson 2017 - 2018)

Widest skis from ARV series. We was interested in determining riding/jumping ratio: for what this skis are? Let's stop discussion and have a run on this skis.


Armada ARV (Season 2017-2018)

Another new series of skis from Armada. It also one of the previuos serieses but all skis was reworked. They took old series and changed fillings. So think for yourself is it a new series or a old one. But let's have a closer look to this series and let's find out what to expect from it.


Ski test: Armada Tracer 118 (Seson 2017 - 2018)

Brand new Armada skis: a new model, a new concept, a new series - three new skis and let's test them in action on the snow and see did Armada hit the target with this new series.


Armada Tracer (Season 2017-2018)

This year Armada has a lot of new features and reworked products. Tracer series is a new series that includes several reworked old models that belongs to one concept. This new series of skis crucially changes Armada's vector of development and opens new possibilities for usage.


Ski test: Head Worldcup Rebels i.Race (season 2016-17)

Race skis from Head always were good and satisfied peoplr who loved alpine skiing. Especially skis for slalom. This skis are similar to slalom skis by lenght and turn radius. We expect drive, fun and dynamics. Let's start.


Ski test: Fischer Pro MTN 86 Ti (season 2016-17)

Another version of good skis from Fischer with the waist of 86mm and titanium reinforsment. Let's see what has changed with addition of titanium and 6mm.