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Ski Test: K2 iKonic 80Ti

In my opinion, K2 universals are not just a classic of the genre, but also quite standard skis and classics of this category. Until now, and since the end of production, quite a few years have passed, I remember the Speakers who were more than popular. But, nothing stands still. Neither good nor bad. Everything develops and changes. Something for the better, something in its direction. Today we are checking the development direction of the Konik series from K2 and, in particular, the 80Ti model. Go.


Equipment Review: Head Radar Helmet

Of course, the Head company always had in its assortment not only skis and boots, which for the most part were good, but also masks, helmets, protection, and other peripheral equipment that I frankly did not notice and did not pay due attention to it. And, frankly, there was never anything heroic there because these directions are usually optional for large manufacturers. But, this year it is not possible to get past the helmets from Head due to the appearance of the visor helmet, which is very popular among Russians. We understand what it is and what it is eaten with.

Equipment Review: Head Edge LYT Boots

Last season, Head pleased us with several bright innovations in the field of ski boots. Although it is not clear whether or not it was that pleasant because as a result of testing, nothing good came out, no new model demonstrated anything good. Still, this is better than nothing. This season is also not without new products by Head. Let's look at what's new this time in the section of ski boots of the Head catalogue.

Ski Review: K2 iKonic

Today we are again talking about K2. Far not because this time there is something interesting to talk about, but only because there is an update in the line that you can talk about. But, that is the essence of the brand’s media behaviour: if you want to be heard - do new things. So, we are conceived, we do not have new equipment for the sake of solving the pressing problems of skiing, but simply new items for the sake of new products. And today, it seems to me, it will be a question of such a novelty.


Equipment Review: K2 Mindbender Boots

Today, every self-respecting company that produces ski boots must have universal boots for skiing and for a ski tour combining compatibility with TLT and Alpine mounts. And few people today will recall that it was K2, being far from a boot company, that were among the first to introduce such a solution. Since then, a lot of time has passed and it's time to change something in the models with which it all began in this direction. Moreover, there is a good reason for updating the boots - the new Mindbender ski series.

Ski Review: K2 Mindbender

No matter how much we like the K2 Pinnacle series skis, but nothing lasts forever and standing still, only because there are successful skis in the catalogue, not a single company on the market can afford. People today are basically too lazy to understand the quality of skiing - they are only interested in new products and related show-offs. Well, the modern world is so arranged: the image component comes to the fore, replacing the semantic content and is no longer enough for sale so that the skis are just good. they should be new, modern, fashionable, and not repainted old.


Yourski Special: A perfect ski trip, Skiing

Well, here we are in France, we have an idea of ​​the condition of the snow, we have skis, boots and the desire to ride well outside the slopes in good snow. Nothing should and can not prevent us because everything is thought out and prepared. It remains only to develop a specific plan for the resorts and implement it. Let's understand exactly how we chose resorts and on the basis of which we made operational decisions on skiing. They drove.


Yourski Special: A perfect ski trip, Snow

After determining where and when we live and ski, we should think about snow - one of if not the most important parts of any skiing trip.


Ski Test: Atomic Vantage 82Ti

Although Atomic, like the entire Amer Sports group, has ceased to announce its new products at the leading ski exhibition "ISPO", they didn't stop their activity. Even if new models do not appear, the old ones are updated. In the on-piste category, they had interesting skis with an 83 waist with, carbon, and titanium. This season they were updated and became with a waist of 82 and only with a titanal. And today, on the test, we need to check how they ride and how much they differ from the old model. Let's go.


Ski Test: Salomon S/Force 11

This on-piste allround ski by Salomon has always been interesting and not standard for the industry model. They were the first to switch to soft skis in this category and definitely did not lose even once. Remember their Q-85 which was replaced by completely bombarding XDR 80. But today it’s all in the past the company doesn’t stand still and completely changes the concept for some reason returning to the classic format of universal skis and we have no choice but to try them understand how this solution works and may be interesting to us.