Yourski Special: A perfect ski trip, Skiing

Well, here we are in France, we have an idea of ​​the condition of the snow, we have skis, boots and the desire to ride well outside the slopes in good snow. Nothing should and can not prevent us because everything is thought out and prepared. It remains only to develop a specific plan for the resorts and implement it. Let's understand exactly how we chose resorts and on the basis of which we made operational decisions on skiing. They drove.


Yourski Special: A perfect ski trip, Snow

After determining where and when we live and ski, we should think about snow - one of if not the most important parts of any skiing trip.


Ski Test: Atomic Vantage 82Ti

Although Atomic, like the entire Amer Sports group, has ceased to announce its new products at the leading ski exhibition "ISPO", they didn't stop their activity. Even if new models do not appear, the old ones are updated. In the on-piste category, they had interesting skis with an 83 waist with, carbon, and titanium. This season they were updated and became with a waist of 82 and only with a titanal. And today, on the test, we need to check how they ride and how much they differ from the old model. Let's go.


Ski Test: Salomon S/Force 11

This on-piste allround ski by Salomon has always been interesting and not standard for the industry model. They were the first to switch to soft skis in this category and definitely did not lose even once. Remember their Q-85 which was replaced by completely bombarding XDR 80. But today it’s all in the past the company doesn’t stand still and completely changes the concept for some reason returning to the classic format of universal skis and we have no choice but to try them understand how this solution works and may be interesting to us.


Ski Test: Dynastar Speed Zone 10Ti

For so long ago I have not seen good cross-country skiing from Dynastar on tests, that I don’t expect anything interesting and I understand for sure that nothing new has appeared in this category, there are no hopes for improvement. But tests are tests and, perhaps, in today's snow on a new piste for a new mood and feelings will develop in a new way. Who knows who knows. We try.


Yourski Special: A perfect ski trip, Where and When

Well, having determined precisely what we want, we proceeded to the realisation of our plans, and we began with the choice of time and place of departure. This step, without exaggeration, is the most critical moment in any ski trip, which, moreover, draws several moments requiring organisational attention, for example, the road - tickets, transfers, cars. Let's see how and what we did on this particular trip.


Ski Test: Fischer RC one 82 GT

Universal skis Fischer since the days of the line of Motive were, though not always unambiguous, but interesting. Models with a waist of 80 were constantly in the tops because they comfortably harmoniously combined the comfort of riding on a broken piste and efficiency in a cut arc. This season, the line was completely updated and today on tests a new model with a waist 82. Let's go.

Ski Test: Elan Amphibio 18Ti2

Elan has two very good skis: GSX and 16Ti2. More precisely were. This year, as part of the update lines, another model 18Ti2 was added to them. And then the questions arose: better, worse, how are they now combined with each other and what new can the new model bring to this already-successful pair? Well, here it is the moment of truth. Here they are on the track and you can drive and find out everything personally in skiing.


Ski Test: Salomon S/Force Bold

Some time ago, at the time of global off-piste hobbies, Salomon, one of the first, made universal skis in the format of narrower freeride skis instead of extended carves. And then it was very timely, progressive and interesting. Now the fashion in the ski industry has turned back towards the station wagons in the form of wide carves, and then Salomon has turned out to be in charge. Well, let's check out their carving with a waist of 84 mm. They drove.


Ski Review: Elan Amphibio

Amphibio technology and the series of alpine skis from Elan designed based on it do not need any introduction for those who know at least something about alpine skiing. The skis of that series can be liked or disliked, but one should know them. And, as you know, it’s not important whether the company has good or bad skis in the industry. No one is in a hurry to figure it out anyway, but the skis must be new because people are usually in a hurry to buy new models. And what if the old skis are good? You can "refresh" them a little bit without affecting the model. How?