Ski Rating: High Performance

Test results of high-performance men's skis on tests according to the Worldskitest program. In this category, skis are collected for experts who are well versed in technology, but not specifically focused on sports skiing, but who are looking for versatility in skiing rhythms in skiing and high efficiency in dynamic skiing on any piste.


Ski Rating: Freeride

Freeride skis with a waist width of more than 100 mm. Skis are tested in virgin conditions and evaluated by the effectiveness of ascent, stability at speed, manoeuvrability and versatility in the quality and structure of snow from hard rolled with crust and crust to soft.


Ski Rating: Race SL

Slalom is the most technical and most dynamic sports discipline in alpine skiing. Upper amateur slalom skiing is tested in this category. Skis from the World Cup (sport workshop) do not fall here, which is not surprising because athletes themselves will perfectly understand what they are to perform, unlike those who prefer short dynamic turns in skiing.


Yourski Special: A perfect ski trip, Mistakes

As if everything went smoothly and perfectly in the previous stages, but there are always moments in which something went wrong: цу didn’t think, didn’t see. They were and will always be upset about them for sure not worth it: it is not only the one who does nothing that is mistaken. It is necessary to note them, analyze them and draw conclusions to correct mistakes so that they do not repeat in the future. Let's analyze the mistakes that we had on this trip, so that we and you would not make them anymore.


Ski Rating: AllMountain

Skis that in the Russian version can be called "Universal" or, more precisely - track universals. Probably the most popular category among average skiers. They are expected from them both an excellent grip on hard, and softness of sliding on broken soft snow, and the dynamics of sports skis. But do they always live up to expectations?


Ski Rating: Allround

These skis are not for any specific turns or skiing styles, but skis that people most often rent at the ski rental for the weekend. Naturally, in good rental and with the understanding that not all skis are the same. Also, skis of this category are perfect for skiers for whom in skiing in the first place rest, travel around the resort, a pleasant pastime in the company of friends or family in a ski resort, and not great sporting achievements.


Ski Test: K2 iKonic 80Ti

In my opinion, K2 universals are not just a classic of the genre, but also quite standard skis and classics of this category. Until now, and since the end of production, quite a few years have passed, I remember the Speakers who were more than popular. But, nothing stands still. Neither good nor bad. Everything develops and changes. Something for the better, something in its direction. Today we are checking the development direction of the Konik series from K2 and, in particular, the 80Ti model. Go.


Equipment Review: Head Radar Helmet

Of course, the Head company always had in its assortment not only skis and boots, which for the most part were good, but also masks, helmets, protection, and other peripheral equipment that I frankly did not notice and did not pay due attention to it. And, frankly, there was never anything heroic there because these directions are usually optional for large manufacturers. But, this year it is not possible to get past the helmets from Head due to the appearance of the visor helmet, which is very popular among Russians. We understand what it is and what it is eaten with.

Equipment Review: Head Edge LYT Boots

Last season, Head pleased us with several bright innovations in the field of ski boots. Although it is not clear whether or not it was that pleasant because as a result of testing, nothing good came out, no new model demonstrated anything good. Still, this is better than nothing. This season is also not without new products by Head. Let's look at what's new this time in the section of ski boots of the Head catalogue.

Ski Review: K2 iKonic

Today we are again talking about K2. Far not because this time there is something interesting to talk about, but only because there is an update in the line that you can talk about. But, that is the essence of the brand’s media behaviour: if you want to be heard - do new things. So, we are conceived, we do not have new equipment for the sake of solving the pressing problems of skiing, but simply new items for the sake of new products. And today, it seems to me, it will be a question of such a novelty.