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Ski Test: Volkl Deacon 80

Tourists with a waist of 80 - definitely there is no more popular, popular and sought-after ski category. The secret of popularity is simple as skiing for vacationers, beginners, not experts. And such skis should be soft, loyal, easy to ride, comfortable and fun. It is from this position that it is necessary to evaluate the skis of this class, which we will now do with the novelty of this season from Völkl.


Equipment Review: Arva EVO5 Avalanche Transceiver

Whether we like it or not, skiing freeride is dangerous - avalanches have come and go, and will go. We cannot cancel them and therefore we must do everything possible to reduce the likelihood of getting into them and their negative impact on our lives. Using avalanche sensors (beeper) helps to quickly find a person who has got into an avalanche. Arva company specializing in avalanche equipment in the new season presents a new beeper - Evo5.

Ski Review: Dynastar SpeedZone 4x4

The Dinastar somehow doesn’t historically work out with track universals: either there are no successful models, then they appear, but for unknown and unknown reasons they quickly disappear without leaving any historical technological trace. And in the new season we are waiting for a new milestone in the history of this category - the new SpeedZone 4x4 series. Let's look inside the series and try to understand in theory what awaits us and how relevant it can be to skating.


Ski Review: Line Vision

You can love the ski tour, you can not love or even completely deny it, but, in any case, the ski tour is defined as a trend in the ski industry and towards the ski tour, in one way or another, all ski companies will leave. So Line, with all its park bias, could not resist the temptation to comply with the trend and in the new season presented, well, not so much a touristic, but close to this topic, Vision series.


Ski Review: Line Sr.Fr.Bacon and Outline

Line doesn’t often pamper us with new models, and the company’s line of skis is not large, but this year Line directly started to upgrade and not only did it release a new series of skis, it also updated a couple of quite successful old models. Well, let's see what and in what direction has changed.


Ski Review: Nordica Enforcer

Nordics among the Russians are primarily shoes - excellent and correct shoes. But, it is, rather, the specifics of the Russian ski market. In Europe, Nordica has long been associated with skiing, and although the company does not have more models and they do not become conceptually newer, there are new products every year. Yes, for the most part these novelties were felt only in words and were not noticeable in skating, but this year they promise us that the novelties will be really new and this is even outwardly noticeable.


Equipment Review: Fritchi Tecton Bindings

In total, last year we announced Tecton mounts from Fritschi, and already this season they not only occupy a well-deserved leading place in their category of TLT mounts with Alpine-heel leading positions, but also survived the first stage of modification. Not significant, but significant because the modification touched on the problem identified by a sufficiently large number of users.

Ski Test: Nordica Enforcer 88

In the last couple of years, a category of skis that previously was difficult to cram into the standard category - skis with a waist of 90-100 that are not carvies, and not park skis, and not skis, has received special development both in terms of production and in terms of demand. Freeride because the waist is 90-100. Now we can definitely say that such skis have formed a new category of skis for free-skiing within the resort. And today we test one of these skis.


Equipment Rewiev: Roxa R-Fit

Roxa, for me personally, but I’m sure for many alpine skiing lovers who are familiar with their boots, this is primarily a park-freerad company. It is the boots for the park and for freeride that make up the main backbone of the product line. But, time does not stand still and in the new season the company begins an attack on the segment of track boots in the classic catalytic format. The first to launch an offensive is the new R-Fit boot series.

Equipment Review: Roxa Boots

The theatre begins with a coat rack, and alpine skiing begins with ski boots. In my opinion, boots are the most important part of the ammunition: you won’t be able to ride in bad or inappropriate boots regardless of the quality of the skis, clothes, preparedness of the tracks or the weather - bad boots will spoil the whole ride. Roxa is not the most famous, but noteworthy, brand, because recently it has been extremely actively popularized and certainly worth at least a little dive into the product line of this brand.