Ski Test: K2 Mindbender 90Ti

It is understandable why the soft allround freeride skis are so popular - such skis are good for both on- and off-piste skiing. The waist width of about 90 is perfect for a piste. If you want more freeride - just take a wider model. In comparison with stiffer on-piste, skis of this category allow smoother skiing on bumpy pistes as well as better control in general. That is why this category is one of the favourites among the most skiers. K2 had many decent skis for backside freeride and ski tourism but never really had allround freeride skis, what would be controllable, soft and dynamic.


Yourski Special: A perfect ski trip, Setting Goals

So you want to go skiing, and there is nothing that would make you reject this idea? There are beautiful pictures of mountains, snow and skis in your head? Great! You already have some motivation. However, you can quickly get demotivated by questions such as "should I book a hotel room or buy plane/train tickets first", "who should go there with me", "where do I go and why exactly there" and many others. Let's clarify all the most essential things.

Yourski Special: A perfect ski trip, Introduction

This is an introduction to the Yourski Special called "A perfect ski trip". In this Special, we will talk about what steps should one undertake to make ones ski trip as good as it can be.

Ski test: Nordica Dobermann GSR RB EVO

Doberman GRS RB EVO is a ski for giant slalom, but it is spring right now so our team of testers wounded up not in giant-slalom conditions. Still, many skiers who found themselves on slushy spring snow don't want to quit. Let's see what kind of skiing can we get if we don't quit with this ski model.


On-Piste Skiing: After learning the basics

Well, you already know how to make a sliding turn and to ski with pleasure on nearly every slope. But not everything is that clear and simple now. For instance, what to do on an icy or a very steep slope? There are still a lot of questions. But the main thing that you now would probably want to ski like an expert as soon as possible - to ski at high speed and at the same time to control everything that happens.


Ski Test: Atomic Redster G7

Today we are looking at the junior model in the Atomic's new series for giant slalom - Redster G7. Let's compare it to the other models in the series and with its peers in the beginners' giant slalom.

Ski testing is the process of a model's detailed comparison with some imaginary standard. In giant slalom's case, such standard should be a ski which is stable at high speed, variable in terms of skiing tempo and grasping at both hard and soft snow. None of these qualities matches with Redster's G7 characteristics.


On-Piste Skiing: Parallel Skiing

Now you already know how to control the speed, do snowplough turns with a transition to parallel movement of skis. Now you can move on to the next stage of development of your ski technique. Let's look at the full parallel skis turn without the snowplough.


On-Piste Skiing: First parallel ski turns

If you can move along a predetermined path in the snowplough by shifting the body weight to the outside ski or changing the angle of skis, it's time for you to move on to the parallel skiing.


On-Piste Skiing: The Scraper

When you have learned to ski in a position of the snowplough you can ski in this position as long as you want. However, as you practice more and more, you begin to see that your skis become parallel themselves. Instead of waiting for a long time you can practice skiing on parallel skis right away after mastering the snowplough.


On-Piste Skiing: The Mill

This basic skiing tutorial features a new exercise called "The Mill". It will further improve your turning skills