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    Ski Test: Elan Wingman 82

    What are the functional black impersonal tests? I have heard many, many times the opinion of the “experts” that an experienced ski expert will always know the skis under any black film. Probably, in theory, it is so because there are not so many skis, and knowing the primary lines is not difficult to guess. But what to do when you know with your head what kind of ski it is, and with your feet, you are sure that this is not it? And let's see.


    Ski Test: Salomon QST 92 16/17

    Another model from QST series by Salomon. Not the first skis of this series but that fact will not affect on the result of this test. Every ski is unique and we test them regardless of their history. Only test on the slope without worrying about anything else. Let's start.


    Ski Test: K2 Mindbender 90Ti

    It is understandable why the soft allround freeride skis are so popular - such skis are good for both on- and off-piste skiing. The waist width of about 90 is perfect for a piste. If you want more freeride - just take a wider model. In comparison with stiffer on-piste, skis of this category allow smoother skiing on bumpy pistes as well as better control in general. That is why this category is one of the favourites among the most skiers. K2 had many decent skis for backside freeride and ski tourism but never really had allround freeride skis, what would be controllable, soft and dynamic.


    Yourski Special: A perfect ski trip, Introduction

    This is an introduction to the Yourski Special called "A perfect ski trip". In this Special, we will talk about what steps should one undertake to make ones ski trip as good as it can be.


    Ski test: Nordica Dobermann GSR RB EVO

    Doberman GRS RB EVO is a ski for giant slalom, but it is spring right now so our team of testers wounded up not in giant-slalom conditions. Still, many skiers who found themselves on slushy spring snow don't want to quit. Let's see what kind of skiing can we get if we don't quit with this ski model.


    Ski test: Völkl 100Eight 17/18

    Testing skis is not easy. Sometimes it seems like you know everything about certain skis, so you don't expect a lot from them. However in reality due to different reasons like snow condition or slope angle, a ski starts to work not as you have expected, making you change your opinion. Völkl 100Eight is a well-known ski, but let's see if this ski can cause such opinion shift.

    Ski Collection Review: Head Kore 18/19 at ISPO 2018

    Last season Head presented their new freeride collection called Kore. It featured brand new skis and not upgraded old ones. In practice, they have been proven to be interesting and well designed. This season the collection has a couple of changes. Let’s take a look at them.

    Ski review: Dynastar PRoto 18/19

    Dynastar's marketing strategy is working so well because the company can utilise its contracts with famous riders to the max. Not much time has passed since Richard Permis has become an ambassador of Dynastar and the company has already made this new pro-model - PRoto. Let's take a closer look.


    Ski Test: Elan Amphibio 16Ti2 18/19

    Elan Amphibio 16Ti2 has a long and complicated history. There were times when the ski has not been fully understood, and times when it was merely tolerated. This season, the ski is generally very good and definitely worth testing to see if the ski is still good.


    Ski test: Fischer Ranger 108Ti 18/19

    Fischer Ranger 108Ti is an old ski, where "old" means respected, tested, and perfected. It was tested in all conditions imaginable. But today was special - visibility, snow condition, and many other factors were just right for texting this particular ski. It was the time when a test ride became fun skiing experience.