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Yourski Special: A perfect ski trip, Skiing

Well, here we are in France, we have an idea of ​​the condition of the snow, we have skis, boots and the desire to ride well outside the slopes in good snow. Nothing should and can not prevent us because everything is thought out and prepared. It remains only to develop a specific plan for the resorts and implement it. Let's understand exactly how we chose resorts and on the basis of which we made operational decisions on skiing. They drove.

We know a long time ago that it’s absurd absurdity to plan a ride for specific days for specific resorts in advance and it’s necessary to focus only on the current state of the team, the weather and snow. As they say: if you want to mock the gods, tell them about your plans. Yes, we had an exemplary list of resorts that are interesting to us, we had an idea of ​​the condition of the snow at the resorts, but we categorically did not and could not have any clear sequence. Decide on which resort we are going to go right in the morning of every day after studying the "hot" short-term forecasts.

For prediction, we, as before, used the main sources about which I told in the section on predicting the state of snow. We will not repeat. The only thing that definitely needs to be added to predict a catalic weather on a catalytic day is a dynamic cloud forecast. This is a forecast that not only shows what will be cloudy by the hour, but also gives an idea of ​​how the front (clouds) will move. This is a very useful thing in predicting visibility, and it is very, very important in our business.

We traveled using the Snow Reports application. I don’t know if it’s better than others or not and whether there are analogues, but it didn’t let us down and worked 100%

As a result, we have distributed everything as follows in terms of days:

1st day. Les Arcs

The first day is always on any gurney is completely technical. On this day, you need to roll out and warm up, remember how skis are going, check the performance and settings of your inventory, and if something goes wrong, fix it. On this day, be sure to explore the real state of snow. Accurately check what is happening at different exposures and different heights and check how plausible the forecast we made remotely and how much they can be used in planning the next days of rolling. It is clear that with such tasks for the day, the weather only needs us to be tolerable for quiet riding and allow us to implement these plans without overcoming unnecessary difficulties. We looked at the forecast and saw that by dinner at Les Arcs the sun would have gone there. In addition, it was our "home" resort in which a lift went straight from our village.

In the course of the day we managed to ride all the heights and feel the snow on the northern and southern exposition. The preliminary forecast was fully confirmed and everything turned out exactly as we expected: there was snow on the northern slopes from 2000 to 2200, but there was snowstorm and dangerous, below 2000 on the northern slopes there was good snow, on the southern there was none at all, above 2200 everything was blown away the snow was only old snowstorm and very dangerous. Ride through the woods and were pleased. Well warmed up, warmed up and got a good idea of ​​the real condition of the snow.

Upon returning home it began to snow. The forecast showed that it goes on all the resorts from our list of priorities and this put us on our guard over the avalanche danger for tomorrow.

2nd day. Courchevel

In the morning, the forecast showed that clear weather comes from the west, but cloudiness will be variable. But, on the third day, clear weather was expected in the Valmorel area, which for us was significantly more interesting due to the exposure of the slopes and the amount of snow on them than the other resorts of the western part. There was a good feeling about riding there, but today it was cloudy and the avalanche danger was negative. Because we went to Courchevel in which the conditions were the same, but the prospects for the third day of skiing were less.

Start from the near point along the path of the entry point to look around and see possible lines of descent. Immediately after the distribution, they were seriously tempted to roll virgin soil right next to the tracks, but they restrained themselves and decided, without exchanging for pasture, to reach the main courses. Not mistaken. In the very center we were waited by a good pupyr with excellent snow. It is a pity that there were many people who wanted it and quickly rolled it out, but we had enough. Ride on perfectly. Large lines on the famous Courchevel margins did not roll because of the 4th degree of avalanche danger at that exposure. But, we had enough without them. Finished skiing by sitting down evening clouds with a long descent to the parking lot. Great ride.

3d day. Valmorel

The forecast is not deceived. Clear and excellent in Valmorela - we go there. And that's exactly what it is: good snow, sun, and a gentle breeze. The entry point is the one nearest to us. From there we go in and drive through the half of the resort. Along the way we study the possible descent options. There are some interesting points, but the avalanche danger confuses. We check the same exposure and carefully try. In fact, everything is stable. We ride. Excellent virgin lands on a good slope and with a reasonable descent duration, which is extremely important in skating: what is the point in a beautiful big mountain if you cannot drive it with pleasure and die at the beginning? We make several excellent descents and head home by snatching away excellent forest skiing along the path of the previously noted. More than a beautiful resort, excellent skiing and a very entourage village at the exit along the main street where you can ski right from the mountain and get to the cafe in which you are interested and park. As we did.

4th day. La Plagne

Every trip has a day when you look at the forecast in the morning and you realize that the day of rest has arrived. On this day, all forecasts showed cloudiness and snowfall in all resorts and only one forecast gave a confident enlightenment on La Plagne starting from 11-30. Believe it or not? We decided to check by agreeing that if the weather does not work, then we will not ride, and we will do useful things on the tracks. Moreover, it is always useful to raise the level of skating. Go.

Upon arrival at the resort, there was no hope for a gurney at all: fog, clouds and snowfall. We sit on the chair and go upstairs. Exactly on arrival at the upper station, suddenly, as promised the forecast - the sun. Well, here we go and the map. We rolled everything that we saw, and there was a hundred to see: perfectly viewed slopes at the forest level with excellent pristine snow and easy access. Rolled down to a state of neglect, noted this business in a cafe and home.

5th day. Les Menuiers

From this day we did not expect anything great. The weather was clear only at this resort. A good snowfall passed and there was a strong wind in the forecast, which definitely added zest to avalanche skating. But how can you not skate if you can skate? Avalanche danger is not absolute. Especially with the wind. Naturally, there where the wind carried the snow there is very dangerous, but from where it transferred the snow there is no danger associated with snowfall, and according to the history of the weather, the danger that increased that day was increased only against the background of snowfall. Neither the temperature drop, nor any other factors increasing it. We went to the resort with the understanding that it is dangerous and with the understanding that if it fails to find safe snow, we will simply do something useful on the track.

Entered the resort from the farthest from the slopes with the alleged snow side. This entry point was near and we did not want to go further along the serpentine on the summer tires and really wanted to explore what happened with the snow in most of the resort. It immediately became clear that everything had completely blown away from the southern slopes. It is logical that blown to the northern slopes. The snow, as it was, was very bad: rounded rubbed granules are like small grains. It is this snow that is easiest to go. But as it progressed, it became clear that there is still an intermediate northeastern exposition on which nothing came new and nothing blew away the old. On these slopes lay good fresh snow. He was lying, though on a not-so-good crust, but he was still lying tight. It was suspected that as the snow settled, it would put a load on the weak layer and begin to descend, but until that moment there was time.

Found small and good for skiing slopes of such exposure with untouched snow and a sufficient number of safe zones. They rolled them very, very carefully with an obvious search for precautionary measures: before descending, they cut, descended strictly along a straightened line, from a safe to a safe place, very disciplined. As a result, skated exactly until such time as the board left the trim. Immediately they got the hint, turned the fishing rods and went home happy and tired.

6th day. Nothing

On an extreme day, we were quite ready to ride, but we really wanted something bright and interesting for the final day. And according to the weather, we in our region did not like this in any way. The wind increased and even with fairly good visibility, the lifts at the top were closed everywhere. We remembered that, in order to make the trip, we said that we were going to “ride well”, and it’s impossible to ride well without good weather, and we made a stoic decision: if you can’t ride well, you shouldn’t ride at all! We gave ourselves a day off. Moreover, there was a long road ahead to Munich and a difficult job at the ISPO.

This is how we ordered six days of skating. Every day was amazing and all the days turned out to be completely different in resorts, in skiing, and in relief. There were snow fields, woods, and bumps - that was all. But, most importantly and interestingly, it was all in great weather, with beautiful, untouched snow. All participants of the program, at the current time, had a sufficiently large catalytic experience, but none of them rolled five days out of five in ideal conditions. What is the secret of such success? France? Spas? Definitely not. The secret to a great combination of understanding goals, the ability to plan and implement skating. I am sure that the visits carried out under such a program can be successful both in Austria and Italy. You just need to want and think everything over.

But, for all the awesomeness of the trip, there are . moments from which it is definitely worth drawing conclusions and which need to be changed and worked through on the next trip