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Yourski Special: A perfect ski trip, Setting Goals

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So you want to go skiing, and there is nothing that would make you reject this idea? There are beautiful pictures of mountains, snow and skis in your head? Great! You already have some motivation. However, you can quickly get demotivated by questions such as "should I book a hotel room or buy plane/train tickets first", "who should go there with me", "where do I go and why exactly there" and many others. Let's clarify all the most essential things.

Before you begin, you have to take some time to think about what do you want and what do you not want. This process is essential. Without answers to these questions, you won't be able to plan nor realise your wants and wishes. Many people sadly don't think about the goals at all, considering that these are self-evident. That is why they make fatal mistakes already at the planning stage. Let's see what exactly our team did and how did we answer the most critical questions.

The main goal of ours was to have a good skiing trip in France. Yes, exactly that, nothing more, nothing less. Each of the words has been filled with the same meaning. Let's elaborate on the sentence "to have a good skiing trip in France"

  • Good:
    • Cheap so that the whole thing costs no more than €1000 pro person, including tickets and a room.
    • Not many people so that you don't have to get through tight crowds and traffic jams.
  • Good skiing trip:
    • Good snow.
    • Interesting terrain and a great choice of slopes.
    • Good weather: sunny, not foggy, no snowfalls.
    • Moderate avalanche danger.
  • Skiing trip
    • A team of a similar skiing interests and a similar skill levels.
    • An absence of dependant people who require constant attention.
  • In France
    • Local charme and the unique identity of France, cuisine, architecture, drinks, etc.
    • At least one famous French ski resort .
  • This is how we have been setting our goals: we created a WhatsApp group, discussed what exactly do we want where do we compromise etc. As a result, we have created this set of goals which we used as an orientation at making operative decisions.

    Notice that there are no phrases such as "to align with vacation/holidays", "to spend some time with wife and kids" or "seize the chance to buy cheaper tickets". As soon as these things appear in a set of goals, the whole trip changes in an instant from "to have a good skiing trip" to "to do something besides skiing". What we wanted - is to ski.
    The team is a critical aspect of the trip as well, even though it only takes a single line in our set of goals. We have discussed each member of our team by their skill, their skiing interests, and their life choices. For example, some people have a high skill level, but who ski as if it was their job - from dawn to dusk, at any avalanche danger level, not because they enjoyed it but because they have paid for it. Such people didn't take part in our team because their interests do not match our set of goals.

    To conclude, setting goals in the right way improves your trip by a lot. Our trip turned out amazing because we have set the right goal and always acted according to it. Again, you don't have to do exactly as we did. Maybe you would like to spend some time with your family whilst skiing, or to do some fitness, or to enjoy nature. Try to set your own goal with its concretisation. This process will be a solid first step in the planning stage of your skiing trip, as there are some more worth mentioning...

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