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Yourski Special: A perfect ski trip, Mistakes

As if everything went smoothly and perfectly in the previous stages, but there are always moments in which something went wrong: цу didn’t think, didn’t see. They were and will always be upset about them for sure not worth it: it is not only the one who does nothing that is mistaken. It is necessary to note them, analyze them and draw conclusions to correct mistakes so that they do not repeat in the future. Let's analyze the mistakes that we had on this trip, so that we and you would not make them anymore.

  • The main mistake was that we did not take into account the day of the week of arrival at all - Saturday. All shops are closed on weekends in Europe. As a result, we were left without home cooking products or skating sandwiches. While on the way we met good opportunities to stock up on food, but we ignored them and did not make purchases. It was also quite possible to purchase products in Austria where they are cheaper and not to spend money in France. We will try to fix it next time.
  • Rubber. Definitely it is impossible to let the question take its course and hope for rolling offices. In France, there are often no lifts from the bottom of the valley and you have to go up the serpentine. We were lucky and we did not run into, but when renting a car, this moment must be taken into account and immediately take either chains or winter tires.
    Connection The question that has been pending is already a five-year plan. Radio Baofeng work through time: then interference, then disconnect, then the button is fused, then the connector fell out. I would like and need to solve the issue, but, for myself, I don’t understand how to solve it. The tested solutions in the PMR-range format, for several reasons, do not suit me. Apparently you have to buy something expensive and normal. Definitely there is a question and it must be solved.

Globally, if you take our trip, then there was nothing else in it that was crooked. I did not add this section to the review of the practice of departure planning because there are problems that need to be analyzed and solved. but in order to show that after each departure it is very useful to analyze what and how it was and correct the mistakes that occurred. Be sure to do so after each trip and then with each departure the number of positive emotions will only grow, and the negative will decline rapidly.

About budget

I understand for sure that no matter how I paint, no matter what videos you put on, no matter how beautiful the pictures are, most people still need a budget. Already I see the question directly: how much did it all cost? And, just knowing that all prices are on resort sites and booking systems are and are available, I understand that no one will search for anything, and if they find something wrong and wrong, and if they also understand something wrong. Therefore, here at the end, I will simply list how, what, and how much it cost per person from our apartment and from our car, not including plane tickets because we all flew differently from different cities:

  • car 200 Euro for all / 50 per person
  • gasoline for all movements including the road to Munich and back and toll roads - 323 Euros for all / 80.5 Euros per person
  • Accommodation 390 Euro / 97.5 Euro per person
  • Products with alcohol - 250 Euro / 62.5 Euro per person
  • Ski passes: 55 Euro per person per day - 275 Euro per person

Total per person for everything without a ticket: 565.5 Euro. Personally, my ticket St. Petersburg - Munich cost me 14,900 rubles with free skis.

Of course, there were still personal cafes and other joys, which together amounted to about 100-150 Euros for each, but they were not a mandatory program. The data are taken from the final settlement between the participants and fully correspond to the checks and real payments.

So that was our departure, and so we planned and implemented it. You can repeat everything exactly as we have, or you can apply the approach and implement your program in your resorts and countries. Good luck to you and we are sure that if you understood everything correctly and implement everything exactly, then the result will be beautiful as well.