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Yourski Special: A perfect ski trip, Introduction

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The skiing season 18-19 is over. Now it is time to rest a bit and then train hard for the new season. However, this time between the seasons is crucial to utilise not just for training, but also for planning your future skiing trips. There are still many questions concerning planning. In this sense, a real example is much more useful than theorising. That is why Yourski Magazine has prepared an extensive guide on how to plan your skiing trip and what to do to make it as fun and enjoyable as it can get. The goal of this guide is not to give you precise instructions, but rather to showcase a real skiing trip and to make the actions, that were undertaken during this journey, an example of what to do to achieve what you want. Pay close attention to the details, because they might appear to be integral parts of a fun skiing trip.

In January 2019 Yourski Team went to the Savoy region in France to undertake a "Freeride Safari". This trip will be described using the following questions: who went there? Where we went? Where we lived? Where we skied? What were the results? In short, there were five days of excellent freeride, leaving the first tracks on the fresh snow. If you want to have a similar experience of your own, follow the following steps closely.

You can try to replicate exactly what has been described in this guide. But keep in mind, that snow conditions and weather are constantly changing. Don't ski on someone else's tracks, don't do it alone, always know your basic safety rules and everything will be just fine. For more than that, read our guide. That is how our trip was. What will your trip be like?

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