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Ski Reviews

Ski Review: Nordica Dobermann Spitfire

Of course, Nordica is primarily known for its ski boots, and it is the boots that skiers associate with this brand. But Nordica's skis, although very specific, but more than decent. They are not many in the line, but they are all quite working and understandable. In the 19-20 season, the line of cross-country skiing was significantly updated, although the changes are not obvious and immediately not noticeable, and it makes sense to figure out what's new and how to understand new skis in general. Let's go figure it out.


Ski Review: Head Monster X

The Monster series of alpine skiing from Head is not just not new, but not new at all. They were new in the early 2000s and even then were doubtful and incomprehensible because of their prohibitive longitudinal rigidity. For some time they were not in the catalogue, then they appeared again unclear why because Head had no direct need for this class of skis. As a result, they have been in the lineup for the past few years, and last year a new version of "Monster X" appeared in them, which we deprived of attention, although it did not deserve it at all, and today is the time to pay it back.


Ski Review: K2 iKonic

Today we are again talking about K2. Far not because this time there is something interesting to talk about, but only because there is an update in the line that you can talk about. But, that is the essence of the brand’s media behaviour: if you want to be heard - do new things. So, we are conceived, we do not have new equipment for the sake of solving the pressing problems of skiing, but simply new items for the sake of new products. And today, it seems to me, it will be a question of such a novelty.


Ski Review: K2 Mindbender

No matter how much we like the K2 Pinnacle series skis, but nothing lasts forever and standing still, only because there are successful skis in the catalogue, not a single company on the market can afford. People today are basically too lazy to understand the quality of skiing - they are only interested in new products and related show-offs. Well, the modern world is so arranged: the image component comes to the fore, replacing the semantic content and is no longer enough for sale so that the skis are just good. they should be new, modern, fashionable, and not repainted old.


Ski Review: Elan Amphibio

Amphibio technology and the series of alpine skis from Elan designed based on it do not need any introduction for those who know at least something about alpine skiing. The skis of that series can be liked or disliked, but one should know them. And, as you know, it’s not important whether the company has good or bad skis in the industry. No one is in a hurry to figure it out anyway, but the skis must be new because people are usually in a hurry to buy new models. And what if the old skis are good? You can "refresh" them a little bit without affecting the model. How?


Ski review: Dynastar PRoto 18/19

Dynastar's marketing strategy is working so well because the company can utilise its contracts with famous riders to the max. Not much time has passed since Richard Permis has become an ambassador of Dynastar and the company has already made this new pro-model - PRoto. Let's take a closer look.