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Ski Review: Kästle

Kastle is not at all popular and certainly not massive skiing in Russia, but popularity and interest in the modern world are not related things and despite its low popularity, these skis have always been very interesting in skiing. At a minimum, we didn’t come across any bad or uninteresting models on tests. Naturally, we can’t get past the lineup update and let's figure out what is new in the freeride ski category in the 2019-20 season.


Ski Review: Curv GT / S/Force Bold / Hero Plus Ti

After the fascination with soft all-terrain soft wagons in the format of narrower freeride skis, the ski world switched to a new passion - wide carves or, as they like to call them, groomers. The theoretical idea of ​​this category is not to lose in effectiveness on all conditions of the track from morning velveteen to evening cereal. In theory. In practice, everyone is looking for something different in them, but today we want to compare three bright representatives of this category and find out how they differ from each other.


Ski Review: XDR 80Ti / Vantage 82 Ti / Rc One 82GT

The choice is not simple, but the choice among the best skis in the category is completely hopeless. But, one way or another, an attempt to figure out the choice and buy the “right” skis often leads to just such a dilemma: I studied the materiel, looked at an infinite number of ratings, made a list of the “best” skis and realized that it’s still a big problem to choose from the best ones, especially since two of the three also went out of production, and new ones replaced them ... But, we are not used to retreating and let's try to choose the best of three excellent universal skis.


Ski Review: V-Shape V10 / Rc One 73 / Amphibio 14Ti

Beginner Carves. What would seem complicated? What do beginners need in order to delve into the question of choice? In theory, everything is simple, but in practice, everything is completely different - it’s the beginner carvies that are the most difficult question of choice: powerful skis scare you with complexity, weak skis scare you with lack of control, on the other hand, you want progress, although it’s still not clear what and in what ... Well, today, as I really love, we compare three similar skis from Head, Fischer and Elan from the top positions of the ratings.


Ski Review: Atomic X9 S / Fischer RC / Volkl RC

Today is my favorite game: find the differences between the three best skis in the category of similar skis. It is this game that alpine skiing enthusiasts like to play, who decided that just because they ride fast today does not mean that they cannot do otherwise, but that they love speed and therefore they need expert-level speed skis for progress. And not just skiing, but the best skiing. Well, let's try to figure out what distinguishes three excellent skis from the category of near-sport carvings for a quick turn.


Ski Review: Fischer Ranger FR102 / Head Kore 99 / K2 Mindbender 99Ti

Freeride is not an easy task, and freeride wagons and even a dense forest in which even an experienced rider is not easy to understand, but for an amateur there’s trouble. Today, based on the results of personal testing, we will compare three bright and interesting models in this category and try to understand not only how they differ, but also to determine for whom and for which ride they should be chosen and which model should be given priority. Go.


Ski Review: Dynastar SpeedZone 4x4

The Dinastar somehow doesn’t historically work out with track universals: either there are no successful models, then they appear, but for unknown and unknown reasons they quickly disappear without leaving any historical technological trace. And in the new season we are waiting for a new milestone in the history of this category - the new SpeedZone 4x4 series. Let's look inside the series and try to understand in theory what awaits us and how relevant it can be to skating.


Ski Review: Line Vision

You can love the ski tour, you can not love or even completely deny it, but, in any case, the ski tour is defined as a trend in the ski industry and towards the ski tour, in one way or another, all ski companies will leave. So Line, with all its park bias, could not resist the temptation to comply with the trend and in the new season presented, well, not so much a touristic, but close to this topic, Vision series.


Ski Review: Line Sr.Fr.Bacon and Outline

Line doesn’t often pamper us with new models, and the company’s line of skis is not large, but this year Line directly started to upgrade and not only did it release a new series of skis, it also updated a couple of quite successful old models. Well, let's see what and in what direction has changed.


Ski Review: Nordica Enforcer

Nordics among the Russians are primarily shoes - excellent and correct shoes. But, it is, rather, the specifics of the Russian ski market. In Europe, Nordica has long been associated with skiing, and although the company does not have more models and they do not become conceptually newer, there are new products every year. Yes, for the most part these novelties were felt only in words and were not noticeable in skating, but this year they promise us that the novelties will be really new and this is even outwardly noticeable.