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Ski Reviews

Ski Review: K2 iKonic

Today we are again talking about K2. Far not because this time there is something interesting to talk about, but only because there is an update in the line that you can talk about. But, that is the essence of the brand’s media behaviour: if you want to be heard - do new things. So, we are conceived, we do not have new equipment for the sake of solving the pressing problems of skiing, but simply new items for the sake of new products. And today, it seems to me, it will be a question of such a novelty.


Ski Review: Elan Amphibio

Amphibio technology and the series of alpine skis from Alan built on it absolutely definitely do not need an idea for, at least a little, knowledgeable lovers of alpine skiing. The skis of that series can be loved or disliked, but one should not know them. And, as you know, it’s not important whether the company has good or bad skis in the ski industry - no one is in a hurry to figure it out anyway, but it’s important that the skis are new because they only buy new skis. And what if the old skis are good? You can refresh a little bit without affecting the "working" model. How?


Ski review: Dynastar PRoto 18/19

Dynastar's marketing strategy is working so well because the company can utilise its contracts with famous riders to the max. Not much time has passed since Richard Permis has become an ambassador of Dynastar and the company has already made this new pro-model - PRoto. Let's take a closer look.