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Ski Test: Atomic Vantage 82Ti

Although Atomic, like the entire Amer Sports group, has ceased to announce its new products at the leading ski exhibition "ISPO", they didn't stop their activity. Even if new models do not appear, the old ones are updated. In the on-piste category, they had interesting skis with an 83 waist with, carbon, and titanium. This season they were updated and became with a waist of 82 and only with a titanal. And today, on the test, we need to check how they ride and how much they differ from the old model. Let's go.

Vantage 83 CTI had dynamism and power. There were complaints about the rhythm of rotation and that they are too fast and stiff for allround skis. But for skiers who know how to ski and prefer speed, they are outstanding. They correctly work out the speed that they can and need to develop and riding on them turns out to be exciting and very driving. As for the new version from today's test, you can say right away that the skis have changed and have changed for the worse. What raised questions in them: speed - remained unchanged, what was right: springiness, elasticity and power - substantially decreased.

In cut skiing, skis require speed, and without them, they behave sluggishly and are not stable because loading them for stability without speed does not work. But, if the old model at speeds like on rails, chopping everything in its path and holding onto the piste with teeth regardless of its condition, then this model is sluggish, without confidence, flying off the trajectory when hit on more or less significant bumps has significant problems with a grip , and in the event of a breakdown from the path and into the arc, he returns reluctantly and hits his legs pretty hard. It is necessary to additionally load the tip to combat vibrations leading to a loss of stability. At the end of the bend, where you want kickback from the ski and the dynamics, the backs simply fail and do not give out what they could give and what they accumulated in the direction of travel along the arc.

In a rolling turn, skating can be called bearable only when riding on noses that somehow can work out breakdowns from the piste and snow bumps. The middle is tough and not elastic and collects everything in the legs very tiring in riding. The tail seems to be tenacious, but lethargic and constantly falls down. Thank you for not clinging to a change of direction and that’s good. On closing the turn and jamming, the tails do not take a deflection from the middle and eat up all possible bumps.

The rhythm of riding is not variable at all. In a carved arc they have a very narrow range of radius around 16 meters. In a sliding turn, which naturally gives a wider range, but there is interesting skiing only in the rhythm of the average turn in which the skis do not abut at the beginning of the arc, not allowing them to go into a small radius and are able to work out loads of high-speed skiing. The combination of cut and lateral sliding requires attention and accuracy in management and causes a lot of discomforts and is very tiring.

As a result, skiing cannot be called either good or completely bad. In the general line of fast on-piste skis, they are not the worst, but not the best. Compared with the previous 83 CTI, they are clearly worse and significantly. You can ride them with a carved turn and a classic, but all this turns out dry, dull and without a soul. Skating is obtained only at speed. On the other hand, there are so many newcomers claiming that they love speed ...

Short turn
Long turn
Peak stability at a turn 5 / 15 m.
Dynamic turn radius 4 / 13 m.
Turn radius range 14 - 17 м.
Best piste 5 - 8
Testing condition
Red piste. Hard morning snow and corduroy. Good visibility. One ride test.
Boots: Tecnica Zero G (2017-18) - 110 flex.

Skis for beginners will be fast and unfriendly. They will be boring and weak for experts. For classics, they are sluggish. Their only logical destiny is those obsessed with speed who categorically do not want to learn how to ride, beginners who can only ride straight flat skis under the tracker, followed by a demonstration of their "heroic" achievements on the Internet. That is, good skis for forum riders.

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