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Ski Test: Volkl Deacon 80

Tourists with a waist of 80 - definitely there is no more popular, popular and sought-after ski category. The secret of popularity is simple as skiing for vacationers, beginners, not experts. And such skis should be soft, loyal, easy to ride, comfortable and fun. It is from this position that it is necessary to evaluate the skis of this class, which we will now do with the novelty of this season from Völkl.

Of course, not only beginner skiers can and do ride on wagons with a waist of 80, there are many good and confident "experts" who ride these and consider such skis as an option for skiing for themselves. But, if you delve into the details, then we will definitely come to the conclusion that if the "expert" is a real expert, then he understands exactly what and how he wants skiing and if he wants high performance from skiing he will buy and consider specialized skis: for the ski - carves with a narrow waist, grip and dynamics, for freeride - wide shovels, for universal skating - freeride station wagons, station wagons with a waist 80 expert, if he will consider it as an option, it is only for a relaxed cruise skiing for the sake of relaxation. and it turns out that the initial message that skis of this class should be soft, simple and comfortable is true.

With these skis, the question of evaluation criteria is not idle at all. From the point of view of beginner and tourist skiing for the sake of recreation, they are bad, from the point of view of expert skiing they are good. After testing this ski, each expert will definitely note their stability at speed, their grip on a hard track and their dynamism, but only an expert for whom skiing in the rhythm of a turn of 20+ meters is the norm, for whom it is interesting to work in skiing, for which a hard track is better than a soft one because you can squeeze skis into it from all the urine you just have. But, what will beginners and amateurs say about them for whom the universal category with a waist of 80 is created?

For beginners, skiing is not suitable in all respects. They are very fast in rhythm of riding. They have a turning radius of about 18 meters. All that fewer of them need to be squeezed. Squeezing is not easy because the skis are longitudinally stiff and despite the fact that they definitely have no problems with grip even on a hard track and even with a strong longitudinal load, they do not fly off the trajectory, it is not easy to bend them. They are stable at speed, but in a cut direction or in a large radius at speed. They walk smoothly along the large arc, they re-center from sock to back perfectly, during acceleration they give dynamics, but during acceleration.

They do not hold in a short turn in a cut arc, but in a sliding turn, they break off the trajectory and go into skating in the washboard mode. A short turn on them in all modes is not comfortable, requires considerable attention to control by the skier and is not comfortable. Skis constantly grapple with the track and then break down, losing stability and knocking on their feet with unpleasant exhausting vibrations. As a result, skiing is very tedious and time-consuming. Skating for a long time will not work for sure.

On a broken track, they do not give any significant advantage and work no better than carv ski with soft noses. Due to the stiffness of the nose, they tend to bury themselves in loose snow, and not to lick and not go around it. In porridge and soft snow, they require precision in control and they also burrow if they are only slightly overloaded on their noses at the entrance to the turn.

Short turn
Long turn
Peak stability at a turn 8 / 17 m.
Dynamic turn radius 7 / 15 m.
Turn radius range 16 - 20 м.
Best piste 4 - 7
Testing condition
Red piste. Hard morning snow and corduroy. Good visibility. One ride test.
Boots: Tecnica Zero G (2017-18) - 110 flex.

But, if you ride fast turns or wait from the skis only grasp on a tight track for control. That is, if you are either an expert who is ready to ride no matter what, or a complete newcomer who only needs control on skis in hard snow or people, skiing is excellent.

For experts, it can be interesting as the only skis for all cases of catalan life if the expert is not focused on a certain style of skiing and rides only within the prepared tracks. Why skiing waist 80 is completely incomprehensible and even their neighbours in the series with waist 74 work better on a broken track. For beginners and vacationers, skiing will be neither comfortable in skiing, nor simple, nor comfortable. More precisely: beginners and vacationers should not look at them at all - they will not add expertise and more likely, they will slow down, and not accelerate.