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Ski Test: Salomon S/Force Bold

Some time ago, at the time of global off-piste hobbies, Salomon, one of the first, made universal skis in the format of narrower freeride skis instead of extended carves. And then it was very timely, progressive and interesting. Now the fashion in the ski industry has turned back towards the station wagons in the form of wide carves, and then Salomon has turned out to be in charge. Well, let's check out their carving with a waist of 84 mm. They drove.

In carve-skiing with a waist 80 was and is only one, but very global, a riddle: for whom and for what kind of they are created? It was especially incomprehensible after the universal skis of the format of narrowed skis for firaid appeared, which completely rebuilt the station wagons from the downhill skis leaving carves for the technical and sports carving, and the station wagons for omnivorous comfortable skiing. But life does not stand still and a new trend was a return to basics - to carves-skis with a waist of 80, but not in the format of universal skis, but in the format of carves-skis with a waist of 80. All of the market leaders appeared and so they appeared in Salomon.

The very first thing I can point out in these skis is power. It is felt in all versions of skiing. In the long arc, the skis are stable and hold well at any speed and on any condition of the track. In the middle arc, they powerfully grab at the start of a turn for the track and cut into a turn. In a short arc, they gnaw the track at the end of the arc spitting out into a new arc. Power is felt in everything. With the ability to cope with the skis, they can give interesting sensations in skiing, a lot of control and stability at the speed and dynamics of impact. There is only one problem - they can only give all this with good skiing skills. All the interesting things I have indicated should be squeezed out of the skis. And if it fails and lacks technology, then instead of the described sea of ​​pleasure, they can create a sea of ​​problems. And, of course, if you prefer a comfortable and soft ride, then all that can give these skis do not get into your interest card at all.

In a long arc, skiing lacks both stability and grip and, which is completely uncharacteristic of skis with such a waist, on the one hand they have no problem with grip and longitudinal rigidity, on the other hand they do not require that loading tips to start the arc which can lead to disrupting the trajectory. No, they still do not get a short turn without losing sharp cutting, but there are no treacherous breaks from the trajectory at the beginning of the arc. But, to be honest, they are so confident in their medium and large radius that they do not feel like clamping in short arcs on them. To solve issues with manoeuvring, you can go to the side-slip or at all to the classics. The transition of their cutting to slippage and back occurs clearly, but without impacts and loss of stability.

Short turns are possible, but only with classic elements. But, skis in such skiing behave very confidently. At the entrance to the turn tips do not create problems and do not require special attention, the middle smoothly transfers the load to the backs without loss. The tail confidently accepts the load, bends to a comma at the turn closing and shoots a powerful impact on unloading.

Of course, both the return and the variability of the rhythm of skiing and their comfort are not the same as those of good carves-skis with classical geometry, but in their class they are quite decent and interesting. Not without reservations and not without specifying the style of riding in which they are good, but they leave good memories of themselves after testing. Unlike many carve-skis. The only thing that remains a mystery is: why should they have a waist 84 which does not give any advantage on soft snow and only, albeit slightly, eats up dynamics and grip. But, a fashion trend is a fashion trend and once people buy such skis they will do it.

Short turn
Long turn
Peak stability at a turn 7 / 16 m.
Dynamic turn radius 7 / 13 m.
Turn radius range 15 - 18 м.
Best piste 5 - 8
Testing condition
Red piste. Hard morning snow and corduroy. Good visibility. One ride test.
Boots: Tecnica Zero G (2017-18) - 110 flex.

Skis can be interesting to the lovers of old school and classical skiing who prefer power skiing to work on and which allow them to work with them. On these skis, skiing is like good fitness, but it is fun and responds with emotional reciprocity to physical effort. For beginners and advanced in modern skiing, skis will be fast, hard, and heavy in control and in the sensation of skiing.

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