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Ski Test: Line Sakana

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I honestly don’t know how these skis fell on those tests in which I tested them, nor how they should be tested under such conditions, but there are skis, there is a mountain, and there is not the slightest reason not to try them in practice. After all, it’s really somehow people ask themselves how such skis will work on a prepared track if you buy them as the only skis for all occasions. It was in this vein that I decided to check them: what if I have only such skis and I arrived at the resort and there is nothing besides the track.

I do not expect any universality on the test from these skis because I understand for sure that they are by no means universal. with their shape, geometry and other parameters, this is strictly skiing for freeriding. But who of the freeriders did not get into the situation when they have skis in their catalan life, there is a mountain, there is weather, but there is no snow. And in this case, it doesn’t matter what your skiing is - you want to ride at least on the tracks, at least where and no matter how idealistic you are, you will still ride on what is where you can. And it is precisely in such situations that it becomes clear that no matter how skiing you will have to ride them one way or another in different ways. Personally, I constantly have situations when the skis do not correspond to the conditions of skiing in any way, and therefore I always try to choose skis with a wide range of effective applications.

Regarding these skis, it turned out to be significantly more interesting on the hard track than what I expected from them. In theory, I unequivocally expected inadequacy in grip, insecurity in control on hard sites and slowness. However, I was very surprised because the ski showed itself, albeit a little sluggish and boring, but quite catalous: there was enough grip and no uncertainty, due to the geometry of the ski it proved to be very maneuverable and easy to operate.

They have no sharp turn. Even in very static skating, they don’t have a point at which they can stay at least in some kind of arc. Perhaps, on a very soft track, in which they can be rested in a slippery slope, rather than clinging only to edges, they will bend into that short turn which is laid in them by a side neckline and go along a cut arc. But, in the current conditions, they did not go in an arc.

In a rolling turn, they are moderately tenacious and very comfortable. They have maneuverability at height and in any small turn they spin themselves. They do not want to go at speed. And the speed is clearly not their hobbyhorse and not their forte. At speed, everything in them works against them. At speed, they are unstable, cling to the track with their noses and clap them mercilessly. Due to the lateral cutout and deflection, they bend very much and cut into a short turn, and at speed it is unpleasant and dumb. In a short turn, they are comfortable, predictable and understandable, and you can ride them completely without tension for the sake of relaxation and travel around the resort.

As a result, we have skis that will not give you dynamics and high performance indicators on the track, but they will definitely allow you to travel without resort to the resort for the sake of relaxation, getting to know possible skiing spots after a snowfall, visiting a cafe and looking for beautiful views for a photo. And, most importantly, they will not force you to work, preserving the strength to ride at full throttle when snow falls. How they will ride in the virgin lands is not yet clear, but on the highway they ride very gently and comfortably.

Short turn
Long turn
Peak stability at a turn 7 / 11 m.
Dynamic turn radius 2 / 12 m.
Turn radius range 11 - 14 м.
Best piste 1 - 6
Testing condition
Red piste. Hard morning snow and corduroy. Good visibility. One ride test.
Boots: Tecnica Zero G (2017-18) - 110 flex.

Good, comfortable, simple and loyal skis for beginners both in freeride and on the track. Skiing does not require anything and everyone does it themselves exactly in the format that beginners and ski lovers need. They won’t be interesting to experts and advanced because they can’t do anything beyond the beginner’s skating: they are not stable at speeds, not tenacious at hard, and not dynamic at loading. Maybe, of course, they are just bombs in the virgin lands, but something tells us that they will be as loyal and new to the virgin lands as on the highway.