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Ski test: Head Monster 88 (season 2016-17)

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On the agenda of the expert AllMountain skis by Head that appeared couple of seasons ago, but trace their history from ancient times, symbolizing the company's long-term efforts to resolve the issue of universal line of skis, which, in fact, the company has 20 years not at all. We check them in the case and determine whether there is a future for this versatile concept.

In my understanding of universals is skiing or for those who are just starting to ride, and the fear of all emergency forces us to make a choice in favor of skis that promise to pass on all of the conditions that may be encountered on the slopes, or for those who have great rides and does not want to have a huge park skis skating and wants manages one pair, even with the loss of quality skiing. In the first case we are talking about the newcomers, in the second case of the very experts. the first data will not fit skis because they are hard fast, the second will not work because they are well, not omnivores and one pair just do not get along with them. And, besides, many models with larger geometries that allow you to combine and prepared trails and freeride.

Skiing is very hard and very smooth in form and geometry with a large turning radius. In principle, their rigidity is completely balanced with the geometry and skating skis behave very smoothly and predictably. Skiing is not just love the speed, and do not want to live without it. When they bend stiffness in their turn very, very not simply in the cutting arc. In turn sliding skis perfectly cling to the slope and give a great sense of control. But the overall impression of them, nevertheless, unpleasant and difficult.

There are no ski relaxed mode. They have to work at speed and under control. Just take a ride in a pleasure not just to them. They need a clean slope without people, where they can disperse in their range that they have about 18-20 meters. At its radius, they are fine. But do not leave the question: why in this riding waist of 88 mm.? It is clear that with such a waist had to increase the stiffness of skis to grip and become stiff as a rail, but why is it so? Patency? Yes there is no obstruction. If this speed ride Carvey then they too will be great to go and broken and some of the track. But on the highway they will be sharper and more dynamic and diverse, and the radius. As a result, we find that much more interesting to ride a classic giant with the same Rostovka the same radius of obtaining greater efficiency.

Short turn
long turn:
Edge grip
Stability / turn radius 8 / 18-20 m
Dynamics and impact / turn radius 6 / 16 м.
Turn radius range 17 - 20 м.
Skiing comfort
Favorite slope 6 - 9
Overall ranking

Averages ski estimates all tested on a 10-point scale: 0 - the lowest evaluation (bad), 10 - the maximum score (good).
"Turn radius range" - the turning radius in which skis showed best results (determined by the tester, not by the skis specification).
"Skiing comfort" - dependence on the quality of the slope. 0 - ski dependent from it, 10 - completely independent of the quality of it and goes on slope of any level of preparation.
"Favorite slope" - range of the slope hardness on which the ski works well: 0 - soft slush, 10 - the hard frosty slope.

Skis will be interesting for practitioners of classic skating experienced skiers who do not go into a deep powder, but prefer off-piste skiing for the blow the, smashed, stripped, raised snow. The rest rather no than yes.

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