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Ski test: Elan GSX Fusion (season 2016-17)

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Skis that i have wanted to test for a long time, but did not come across on tests. And so it happened: that's skis, slope and tests. Let's see what happened on the slope. After a fairly pleasant sensations of after on mateur 16Ti model i have a positive anticipation and hope that it will be justified in riding.

On the tests, skis are a bit unlucky twice. First it wasn't their slope and second they were second in the set and were caught after a very strong skis in this category which were also from higher class. As a result, the first impression of the skis which was caught on video turned out not quite as skis were in fact at a relative comparison with their classmates. After the entire range of skis in this category perception of this skis has changed dramatically for the better.

Ski have a very good springiness that makes them interesting in a completely different stylistics of riding and greatly expands the range of operating radiuses and styles of turns. Very soft and elastic tip allows to bend skis in the short and medium arc without losing grip. Ski turns docile and maneuverable. At the speed tip is more than stable. In a cross slip skis goes soft enough and effectively work out bumps. Riding turns out comfortable and enjoyable. Initiation goes well even without accentuated load of the tip and even a small shift forward is enough for the effective start of the turn. Skis do not demand only their radius and in any phase of the turn allows you to change it by addition or decrease of load. Tip is tenacious and tough, but within reason - it bends and works at the end of turn, but also firmly clings to the slope and gives a good impact. Skis starts to dynamically work at medium speed, that is nice.

Among the shortcomings can be noted only that the skis demands and love hard slopes. They lack passability because of the tip shape and because of the rigidity you have to load skis and as a result on the soft snow skis do not work as they could. Simply put, passability is not their strong side. Should skis of this class have high passability? No. And this is the only flaw that can be noted.

Short turn
long turn:
Edge grip
Stability / turn radius 8 / 16-18 m
Dynamics and impact / turn radius 8 / 16 - 18 м.
Turn radius range 15 - 20 м.
Skiing comfort
Favorite slope 6 - 9
Overall ranking

Averages ski estimates all tested on a 10-point scale: 0 - the lowest evaluation (bad), 10 - the maximum score (good).
"Turn radius range" - the turning radius in which skis showed best results (determined by the tester, not by the skis specification).
"Skiing comfort" - dependence on the quality of the slope. 0 - ski dependent from it, 10 - completely independent of the quality of it and goes on slope of any level of preparation.
"Favorite slope" - range of the slope hardness on which the ski works well: 0 - soft slush, 10 - the hard frosty slope.

As a result, we have good skis clearly relevant for the category of Giant Slalom - stable at speed, controlled and dynamic. A good option for a skillful riding on well-prepared slopes in the mountains where there is room and opportunity to ride.

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