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Ski Test: Elan Amphibio 14Ti

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Today we tested an old, but an interesting ski model by Elan - Amphibio 14Ti. We wanted to see if the ski has undergone any (detrimental) changes since the last year and if the ski can still be called one of the best beginner ski out there, taking new models by Elans competitors into account. After all, it is never a bad idea to ski on a good ski.

Naturally, the results of any ski test depend not only on the skis themselves but also on snow and other testing conditions. Today these conditions were just perfect. Morning, good weather, smooth piste, clean and soft snow, few people around, normal visibility. This adds to already good impressions about the ski. Everything went perfectly right.

The turn initialisation has never been easier. The skis slide into a turn themselves and hold onto the groomed piste. There is nothing more to do really. It is enough to press on the shovel and to edge. The ski is very variable in terms of turn radii. If you want to make shorter or longer turns than 14-15m than you won't have any problems. At the turns smaller than 12m the skis turn without any interruptions, but at larger turns, you have to be more skilled. The skis are stable at any slope angle and any turns.

Carving is very smooth! The curve is variable, and you can switch from carving to sliding turns with ease. You can also carve on the shovel and the tail. Moreover, the skis don't hit the legs and "eat" all small bumps. It feels like you ski on two sharp knives! So there is the feeling of softness and comfort and at the same time of control.

The dynamics of this ski model is not easy. The ski is not dynamic enough for its class. However, for beginner skiers it is sufficient. The tail is hard and resilient. It gives control at the end of a turn and allows you to apply pressure on it at the end so that you can relieve that pressure to enter the next turn smoothly.

Elan Amphibio 14Ti is an excellent ski model for many kinds of skiers from beginners to more experienced. You can ski in many ways with it. Even some experts, especially those who didn't do much sporty skiing for a long time, can find the ski model interesting. This is the ski that gives you ease of skiing without losses in precision and control.

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