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Ski Test: Dynastar SpeedZone 4x4 82

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The dynastar not only did not please us with good skis for a long time, but rather, upset them with the disappearance. I am still pleased to recall their successful series of track wagons that were very similar to the modern XDR from Salomon and which disappeared without a trace. Well, today in the tests we check in practice a new model and see what good and new they are ready to give us in skating.

In skiing, the skis did not show anything globally heroic, but at the same time, everything they did in skiing was more than necessary and sufficient for confident full skiing exactly in the category to which they belong. They do not have anything from the top expert specialized skis, but there is everything that beginners need to continue and relax: comfort, control, versatility in style and rhythm of skiing.

In a cut turn go smoothly and do not lose an arc when re-centering. Its radius is absolutely average and comfortable - 14-15 meters. It’s easy to get a plus or minus meter, with proper skill you can deviate more from the passport rhythm. On a hard track, they’re a little lost in grip, but if you don’t overload the sock and do not make sharp maneuvers while remaining in a radius that is comfortable for skiing, tenacity is enough. In soft snow they go soft and even. There are no problems with stability. The back is a little harsh for dynamic carving, and therefore it will not work to close the arc - either fly off the arc or swallow the entire load and return nothing in return.

Disruptions from the trajectory and the transition to a sliding turn occur gently without hitting the legs and without a hysterical loss of the trajectory with the transition to uncontrolled movement. It’s nice to combine sliding and cutting guiding and you just want to control the rhythm of movement while skating while squeezing a smaller turn through the ski deflection. In a sliding turn, the backdrop begins to work already in favor of adding control at the end of the turn and simplifying the start of a new arc.

Disadvantages, if we consider skiing as universal, whose main purpose in skiing is to provide the skier with control and comfort, it cannot be found. All of them are beyond the scope of this definition of purpose. Their main drawback is that they are sleepy, lethargic and completely non-dynamic. But, does everyone, as I have written and said many, many times, need guns?

Short turn
Long turn
Peak stability at a turn 7 / 14 m.
Dynamic turn radius 2 / 14 m.
Turn radius range 13 - 15 м.
Best piste 3 - 7
Testing condition
Red piste. Hard morning snow and corduroy. Good visibility. One ride test.
Boots: Tecnica Zero G (2017-18) - 110 flex.

Good understandable and predictable work skis for skiing, beginners and skiing for the sake of skiing emotions. A great option for traveling through a large mountain resort between cafes and great views for selfies. Skis that you can ride everywhere, always and for a long time. Experts and progress-oriented skis will not be interesting because they are neither dynamic nor accurate in feedback. They cannot give powerful skating. Work for them will not work.