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Ski Test: DPS Foundation Cassiar F82

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Everything has its purpose and function. But it is not forbidden to use some things not as they were meant to be used. Sometimes such changes yield exciting and unexpected results. So now, let's see what happens when a manufacturer known for ski-touring skis makes a carving ski model.

DPS Foundation Cassiar F82. The ski makes an impression of a relaxed touring ski whereby the downhill part is optional. It's unclear though, why the skis are so heavy. Now, this is the only questions to this model, as it has no dynamics, no stability, nothing. You can ski, but not much more.

Forget about carving - it feels like the ski is everything besides a carving ski. Of course, in certain circumstances, you can catch a curve, but this will be nearly impossible. You will ski on a single curve of about 16 meters, on one type of snow on one straight slope, while the shovels will be almost uncontrollable and will lose connection with snow, which eventually leads to losing balance.

At the sliding turn, the ski is more or less understandable, controllable, and predictable. There is nothing that could be too annoying or distracting. The ski grasps normally, giving you effective control at slower speeds. Bums will not be difficult or painful to overcome. At a turn change, the skis don't get stuck and are being controlled easily. However, all of this is done beyond average and non-dynamically. Sliding turn is not awful, but you won't have much fun either.

At all skiing styles, the model proves itself quite mediocre. It seems like the designers' primary objective of skiing is to ski down as fast as possible. It is more enjoyable to go uphill on them. With a chairlift.

DPS Foundation Cassiar F82 is a perfect ski model for those who don't want to put any effort in skiing (even for having fun and enjoyment) but do want to get attention with fancy unconventional skis in an apres-ski or on a chairlift.

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