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Ski test: Salomon X-Race Lab 182 (season 2016-17)

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Skis with unclear registration class, level and category, and do not fit any modern theory - sport LAB, but not FIS. Let's stop thinking and try them on slope.

Though this skis is too big for regular carve skis they're surprisingly easy to operate and they don't seems too long in riding. It is easy to make a turn of any radius from very short in slalom rhythm. Tip is soft and you can bend it with slight effort. Same softness gives and excellent flotation in soft snow or on a smashed slopes. Skis do not notice the bumps so as they don't excist. Tail is springs and elastic gives a good impact on the exit of turn. As a result, we have a good easy entry and powerful output - true happiness of amateur skier.

Skis do not demand any rhythm and style of riding and work equally effective in a wide range of turns allowing you to combine carving and cross slip without loss of control and comfort. The transition from the carve to cross slip and back is fast, smooth and comfortable. Skis does not need to start every arc from the tip, they keps the arc by tail and middle part. As a result skis have great edge grip and dynamics of the under foot and tail section with a comfortable tip cross slip.

Skis have disadvantages and they appears on hard snow. Skis don't like hard slopes and on icy part they trued to come off the trajectory. They falls down gently and fairly predictable and manageable, and because of that it does not bring negative experience. If in your riding you have a lot of hard slopes these skis will not be the best choice.

Short turn
long turn:
Edge grip
Stability / turn radius 9 / 16 m
Dynamics and impact / turn radius 7 / 16 м.
Turn radius range 14 - 20 м.
Skiing comfort
Favorite slope 4 - 7
Overall ranking

Averages ski estimates all tested on a 10-point scale: 0 - the lowest evaluation (bad), 10 - the maximum score (good).
"Turn radius range" - the turning radius in which skis showed best results (determined by the tester, not by the skis specification).
"Skiing comfort" - dependence on the quality of the slope. 0 - ski dependent from it, 10 - completely independent of the quality of it and goes on slope of any level of preparation.
"Favorite slope" - range of the slope hardness on which the ski works well: 0 - soft slush, 10 - the hard frosty slope.

Very good skis for confident riding on the spacious mountain resorts with soft snow. That such is the most French resorts where this skis borned. Recommend they can be to pro skiers who knows how to ride fast, but prone to a variety of riding and ready to sacrifice skis sport efficiency for it.

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