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Ski test: Blizzard RC Ti (season 2016-17)

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Another faceless skis of High Performance category. Current conditions - icy prepared slopes is just for this category. Let's check whether this skis have enough performance for this slope.

Frozen slope for this class of skis should not be a problem, but it is their habitat. Well, where if not on the hard slope you can ride with a style of a giant slalom with high stability? And skis quite confident coped with this slope an did carve turns of their radius. All was fine, smooth and accurate. However, with a certain number of conditions. Firstly, turn must be in a very narrow range of about 14-15 meters radius and no more and no less. Secondly, it is necessary to gently initiate this turn. What is not quite simple because tip is hard and blunt entirely without rocker. All irregularities bumps it off the path. Overload leads to failure. Tip is clearly lacks the softness and spring and appears highly dependent on the quality of the slope.

In cross slip skis are very uncomfortable and transfering to the legs all the irregularities of the slope. They scrape piping confidently and clearly, but you feel it with your legs. Immediately comes the will to slow down and crawl as slowly as possible so that it won't be so disgusting.

The rigidity of the tip and tail, which gives good edge grip, does not pass without a trace, and skis are quite dynamically dead - no impact at all. No matter how you load them you will get nothing. Ghouls.

Short turn
long turn:
Edge grip
Stability / turn radius 7 / 15 m
Dynamics and impact / turn radius 2 / 15 м.
Turn radius range 14 - 15 м.
Skiing comfort
Favorite slope 5 - 7
Overall ranking

Averages ski estimates all tested on a 10-point scale: 0 - the lowest evaluation (bad), 10 - the maximum score (good).
"Turn radius range" - the turning radius in which skis showed best results (determined by the tester, not by the skis specification).
"Skiing comfort" - dependence on the quality of the slope. 0 - ski dependent from it, 10 - completely independent of the quality of it and goes on slope of any level of preparation.
"Favorite slope" - range of the slope hardness on which the ski works well: 0 - soft slush, 10 - the hard frosty slope.

Excellent skiing for godille - edge grip for a lot of control, hard to jump on bumps, hard for stability - the ideal choice for classic skiing. Followers of the classics will enjoy this skis. They should choose them.

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