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Ski Test: Blizzard Firebird Ti

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Today we are testing a completely new ski by Blizzard - Firebird Ti. This piece of equipment is an allround ski that appeared in this season after Blizzard's renewal of its Firebird collection. There are no expectations about this ski, so let's test it!

After our test, we got a two-sided impression. This outcome is usually the case when we talk about skis of such category - allround ski for beginner and holidaymakers. The ski is indeed effective at certain aspects, but there are some problems that we must talk about. Our testers couldn't come to a single conclusion, so we decided to analyse the specifics thus describing all the advantages and drawbacks of this ski model.

To understand what is going on, we have to look at history. There is a ski manufacturer called Nordica. Nordica skis are famous for being only useful at a single turn radius. After joining with Nordica, Blizzard has started to make skis with similar traits. The trait that is characteristic to Firebird Ti is this turn radius invariability.

The ski has a mode at which it performs very well. If we only judged this ski by this mode, it would definitely rank first in a rating. This mode is carving at 15 meters radius. At such a curve this ski is just fantastic.

There is this "rail track" feeling. The precision with which the edges "slice" snow is just stunning. You don't have to do anything tiring physically in order for skis to leave two smooth lines on snow. The skis will do literally everything for you. Your job is to let them do what they intend to. So if you are interested in carving, and any other ski didn't fit for the job - Blizzard Firebird Ti will fit right for the job. You will carve from the first turn. Anything besides carving... well, that's another story.

Many skiers agree that carving is only interesting where there is some degree of diversity to it: short turns, long turns, banana-turns and so on. When there is only one turn radius, carving skiing becomes merely dull and boring. There are not so many people for whom skiing with a single turn radius might be enjoyable. That is why what most people value in carving ski is turn radius variability. Blizzard Firebird Ti doesn't have this variability.

Any attempt to ski in a smaller curve results only in braking of your skiing tempo by sliding. So you have to unload them and press on them again at the beginning of the curve. If you really wanted to change turn radius, you would have to be very trained and skilful; moreover, the snow should be very soft. But even if you push the skis against soft snow as hard as you can, you will eventually fail to ski stably, as snow on a piste is not always soft. If you wanted a bigger curve because the ski is so sensitive to pressing on the shovel. So, in that case, you have to be very precise when releasing the pressure from the shovels.

At the sliding turn, the ski model shows all its disadvantages, namely high torsional stiffness and low longitudinal elasticity, which result in a lack of shock absorption on a bumpy piste, losses of contact with a piste, losses of stability and so on. At short sliding turns you can theoretically get some solid skiing experience. Otherwise, you have to be very precise at controlling the ski.

The ski is not dynamic. The tail is stiff and is only useful for controlling the ski, even if you apply pressure on it. The ski is anything but jumpy and fun.

Well, who would need such a ski? The only thing Firebird Ti is good at is carving at 15 meters. Those who like such skiing will definitely like ski and enjoy it. Everyone else won't find anything interesting for themselves.

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