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Ski Test: Atomic Redster X5

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Today on the test day's agenda are the easiest to ski, but the most difficult to evaluate skis. I have been testing them for several years, nothing has changed in them, but every time on the test it is especially difficult for me to give them an assessment and make a final decision on the question: are they good or not? But it is precisely this answer that readers and viewers looking at the report from the test look for in tests. Well, another test and another difficulty assessment.

The difficulty with skiing is that, from the point of view of expert skiing and expert ski perception, they are completely absent: in any skiing style they are not “decent” and in all performance indicators they give a maximum of 6 out of 10. But, if you look at from the point of view of amateur and beginner skiing in which no particular effectiveness is needed from skis, but it is enough that they are understandable, predictable, moderately comfortable and simple, then they are more than good because with sufficient control they are ready to give a good her riding comfort.

They have a cut arc, but in a rather narrow range of their radius and not to say that it is very sharp. But, you can catch her on them, and she is neither quick to scare, nor slow to make her work - exactly as it should at a newbie level. Naturally, they are not talking about any dynamism in such skating. but who needs it at that level. They go along the arc, but, unlike many tenacious carv-skis, they run smoothly and allow mistakes when re-centering. Again, the transition to a sliding turn is very smooth and comfortable. If you just made a mistake, just decided to slow down or go around an obstacle, go into a sliding turn, solve local rolling problems and return to cruise cutting.

In a sliding turn, the sock smoothly goes into slippage and responds to loading with accurate predictable reactions: let go - it slips, load - it hooks and bends into a smaller turn. He doesn’t hit at the feet and copes with bumps in the track with a bang. The middle is tenacious, but not striking at the feet. Control is enough without loss in comfort. The back is sluggish, but not creating any problems. They can be braked, you can lean on it for a sharp closing of the arc. It’s not worth waiting for feedback from him. But who needs it at the initial stage of skiing?

Short turn
Long turn
Peak stability at a turn 7 / 14 m.
Dynamic turn radius 3 / 13 m.
Turn radius range 12 - 14 м.
Best piste 5 - 8
Testing condition
Red piste. Hard morning snow and corduroy. Good visibility. One ride test.
Boots: Tecnica Zero G (2017-18) - 110 flex.

This is not heroic and hound skiing, but very friendly, understandable and predictable - exactly the kind you need for a comfortable and efficient mastering of skiing techniques, skiing for relaxation on the slopes for mountains, air and views, skiing with your family for communication, and not for sports achievements. Experts in all styles of skiing will not be interesting.