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Ski Test: Atomic Redster G7

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Today we are looking at the junior model in the Atomic's new series for giant slalom - Redster G7. Let's compare it to the other models in the series and with its peers in the beginners' giant slalom.

Ski testing is the process of a model's detailed comparison with some imaginary standard. In giant slalom's case, such standard should be a ski which is stable at high speed, variable in terms of skiing tempo and grasping at both hard and soft snow. None of these qualities matches with Redster's G7 characteristics.

At carving, which should be the main skiing style for this model, the ski doesn't perform as well as it could. When skiing, it becomes clear that the G7 model is very similar to the G9 model, only with Servotec technology removed. Without Servotec, the stiffness of the shovel and the tail are not working together. At performance piste skiing when relieving the pressure from the shovel to the tail, the skis always lose the curve. More or less stable carving can only be achieved only with the hip angulation and applying pressure on the outer ski. However, the tail is too stiff to produce a smaller curve, and the shovel is too unstable to achieve a larger curve. So there is no turn radius variability. The ski only accepts its own turn radius.

At sliding turns the skis require perfect snow conditions. Only even and soft snow will do, and any bumps and thrusts will be a catastrophe. At the short manoeuvring turn, the tail is often getting stuck and effectively blocks you from turning; besides, at high speed, your legs take a good beating when tense and lose stability when relaxed.

At a classical turn, the skis perform well, but not ideally; because, the tail is not dynamic and grasping enough to provide an interesting classic turn experience. When applying pressure on the tail at the end of a turn, it either bends or slips under the snow.

Atomic Redster G7 can be interesting for those beginners who what to train the angulation. For other people, this ski model is not good enough.

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