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Ski test: Atomic Backland FR 109 (season 2016-17)

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Today on the agenda an updated version of the old skis by Atomic. In this case, changes happend not only in the design of the picture and the name, but there are constructive changes and new solutions. It is interesting to check them out on snow. Let's go.

In standard riding without notions and adventures ski did not show anything new and rode smoothly and exactly the same as previous one, called Automatic. It wasversatile skis for rapid longitudinal sliding and it remained so. The skis are more than balanced by the rigidity, rocker and geometry and behaves well over a very wide range of snow conditions, styles, techniques and rhythms of riding. In the soft snow it good floats longitudinally, but not buries in cross slip. Tail is hard, but elastic and rubble back on landings and gently work without failure. Tip is neither hard or not soft and under load behaves nice: first bend, and with increased load rigidity increases and allows to use tip on maximum. Due to the elastic and springs on the broken slope skis are comfortable and copes with bumps effectively both longitudinally and in cross slip.

What exactly was improved and brought to this skis is "spoon" tip. It remained unclear why this upgrade was made. Nothing has changed in riding. On the prepared slope part of the tip with a spoon does not touch the snow and does not work at all, and in powder there were no problems with the entrance into the turn which could be solved that way. But it is good that innovation not spoiled ski and did not break anything good, as it often happens in a ski industry. Whili riding on the hard snow "spoon" tip does not interfere with any carve or cross slip and stability and control are not lost. On the slope works underfoot and change of the tip did not affect on it's work. Skis remained quite confident and stable.

As a result, this skis are an excellent solution as a one pair for freeride within the resort and enables confident ride on slope and off-piste, regardless of the quantity and quality of the snow. Skis likes speed and turns on dynamics only in tuns of medium and higher radius.

Short turn
long turn:
Edge grip
Stability / turn radius 8 / 14-20 m
Dynamics and impact / turn radius 5 / 16 м.
Turn radius range 15 - 21 м.
Skiing comfort
Favorite slope 1 - 6
Overall ranking

Averages ski estimates all tested on a 10-point scale: 0 - the lowest evaluation (bad), 10 - the maximum score (good).
"Turn radius range" - the turning radius in which skis showed best results (determined by the tester, not by the skis specification).
"Skiing comfort" - dependence on the quality of the slope. 0 - ski dependent from it, 10 - completely independent of the quality of it and goes on slope of any level of preparation.
"Favorite slope" - range of the slope hardness on which the ski works well: 0 - soft slush, 10 - the hard frosty slope.

Skis will suit people who rides within the resort but without limits slope / off piste with predominance of freeride and who practicing riding through the deflection in turn with an emphasis on longitudinal cut that came to freeride from carving. In this case, the skis are intuitive, easy to operate and allow effective and familiar riding everywhere and always on the same pair of skis

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