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Ski Review: Nordica Enforcer

Nordics among the Russians are primarily shoes - excellent and correct shoes. But, it is, rather, the specifics of the Russian ski market. In Europe, Nordica has long been associated with skiing, and although the company does not have more models and they do not become conceptually newer, there are new products every year. Yes, for the most part these novelties were felt only in words and were not noticeable in skating, but this year they promise us that the novelties will be really new and this is even outwardly noticeable. Well, we plunge into the line of skis for freeriding and look what's new there.

Nordic's freeride skis, which were always represented by one Enforcer series, were never heroic and did not break the ovation of the ski press, but they were always working: there was no reason to admire them, but, more importantly, there was no reason to scold them, there was nothing they failed accurately and unequivocally and they could always be recommended to beginner freeriders as the first skis for trial and progress in freeriding. They are reliable, easy to ski and not demanding either on the quality of snow or on the level of a skier.

The only minus of the series was that it was quite extensive and there were many models in it that often intersected with each other by purpose and parameters and that the models often changed and as soon as one of the models began to gain recognition it did not change much to a new one, but different. As a result, navigating the lineup was always difficult, transmitting test results when changing seasons was not easy and everything was difficult at all. In addition, the line was not always and not in everything linearly correlated with the lines of other manufacturers, and when considering several similar models, it was not easy to select an analog from Nordica. All this combined greatly interfered with the development of the popularity of the Enforcer series.

And now in the new season 2019-20 we are waiting for an updated series in which several not quite clear models were removed and a couple of clear ones were added:

You can endlessly try to draw analogies from the old series and look for connections which model was replaced and which in the end will not work anyway, and therefore we will not waste time on analogies. In the new series, models with waists: 88, 93, 104, 110, 115. Technologically and structurally, the skis remained the same as they were before: a bit twin-type, but not a park, an extended smooth and long front rocker, the same with a small lift , but smaller, rear rocker, directional shape, but with an average turning radius. Nothing changes; only geometry changes.

Globally, it’s not difficult to notice that the models with waists 104 and 115 are new in this set. And this is quite an important point because recently the whole industry has switched to line layouts in which there should be skis with waists 120 or more for a large powder - such Nordika doesn’t have one yet and she is definitely worth the wait, with a waist 115 for a confident high-speed freeride, with a waist 105 for universal skiing within the resort and steel 95-100 for skiing in the format of a track / off-piste. And exactly from this point of view, everything became clear and competitive for Nordika, even including an additional not quite clear model that came from the past with a waist 110 and a model with a waist 88 which is not clear to what: either to the track, or to the ski tour, but not there either.

It is interesting that, despite the not very heavy weight of the skis and the abundance of ski technology in them, Nordica does not position the models 104 and 110 as skis for ski tours, which is even indicated on the skis themselves. But it’s not difficult to notice that the ski profile is not the best for the ski tour: there are many bends in the longitudinal form, and the rocker is not ideal for traverse.

Well, it cannot be said that the new Enforcers are very beckoning and ignite to quit everything and look for them in tests, but the novelty is interesting. It is interesting to test them and compare them with their direct competitors in skiing: Fisher 104 and 115, Kor 105 and Scrapper 115. It turns out that this is now about the same ski class and when choosing something universal with entry into freeride they all fall into one comparison sheet and the torment of choice with the sword will occur precisely between them. We will search and understand. Be sure to compare.