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Ski Review: Line Vision

You can love the ski tour, you can not love or even completely deny it, but, in any case, the ski tour is defined as a trend in the ski industry and towards the ski tour, in one way or another, all ski companies will leave. So Line, with all its park bias, could not resist the temptation to comply with the trend and in the new season presented, well, not so much a touristic, but close to this topic, Vision series.

The ski tour is really very popular right now and not a decent producer can afford it in the line of ski tour skis. But, it’s quite clear that to add skiing catalogs to the catalog for the manufacturer of cross-country skiing skis, we make direct high-speed, but lightweight skis and everything is fine, but what about companies specializing in the park? If you remember, Faction in solving this problem completely abandoned the park past, took Sam Antamaten, absolutely insane in skiing, into riders and first made one line of ski skis Prime, and then a series of Dictators that have nothing to do with the rest of the line. The line went, although a little late, but in their own way and in the season 19-20 made their vision of skiing from the park company - the Vision series.

The series is not at all numerous and there are only 2 models with waists 98 and 108. On the one hand, it is very small, on the other hand, but much more? Indeed, if you think hard and realistically, it turns out that for a ski tour, skis wider than 110 mm are already overkill, and for skiing less than 98 mm. already shortage. So it turns out that if the line is supposed to be exactly as the Vision is positioned - ski tour / freeride universals, then nothing more is needed: just one ski skiing - 108 and one ski skiing - 98. That's all.

The design is still quite interesting. It is clear that skis are light: the weight of a ski with a waist of 108-1605 gr., With a waist of 98-1515 gr., Which is not very much. Skis have an interesting form of deflection, which is not symmetrical as in twin types, and not as fast as in straight skis with camber. A rocker, which seems to be large for virgin lands, and, it seems, small for a ski tour and traverse movement. Stiffness is also interesting. It seems like skiing is not hard, but not soft either, the tip on the tip is soft for twisting the arc at the closure, but at the tip, and the rest is hard for stability at speed and surely backsliding at low speeds in soft snow and on drops. The sock is kind of hard for stability, but only in the zone of a smooth rocker with a small rise, and in the area of ​​the bent toe it is soft for the ascent and cushioning of snow inhomogeneities. The middle, though smooth for tenacity in hard snow, is without camber. Still not for the ski run and this is understandable.

Structurally, the skis are made using sidewall technology, which promises uniform deflection along the entire length. According to the rhythm of skiing, skis are neither fast nor slow with a passport radius of 19 meters, but with their softness there is hope that they will allow them to go to a smaller radius. The side cut is made using 5-Cut technology, which means it is still completely incomprehensible, but it is clear that it is more than 3D.

According to the result and the totality of technologies and characteristics, without testing and direct testing of skis in the snow, it is impossible to say exactly what kind of skiing they will be good for. They have the makings for stable high-speed skiing, and for maneuverable skiing in soft snow, and for a ski tour everything is what you need. Unambiguity is only that with such a set of properties and qualities, they promise to be very versatile and very loyal to the level of the skier, regardless of skiing conditions.

Good in theory skis promising a lot of fun in skiing. But talking about skiing is possible and necessary only on the mountain and in the snow. I really want to try these skis in a combination of ski tour and skiing, but even to ride them will be very, very interesting. Well, traditionally, we will look for them in tests and verify in practice. We hope that they will not disappoint.