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Ski Review: Line Sr.Fr.Bacon and Outline

Line doesn’t often pamper us with new models, and the company’s line of skis is not large, but this year Line directly started to upgrade and not only did it release a new series of skis, it also updated a couple of quite successful old models. Well, let's see what and in what direction has changed.

Line never had a wide line, but each model, whether it was successful or not, had its exact place and had the exact purpose, which gave the feeling that the Line had skis for all occasions. Two models were especially popular in Russia: Sir Francis Bacon and Mordesay. They were outwardly similar but completely different in skating, freeride-park wagons with waists 104 and 114, respectively. Each of them had their pros and cons, but overall they were quite working and interesting skis with a wide audience. Both models could now be applied “were” because Mordesay was no longer at all and he was replaced by a completely new Outline model, and Francis Bacon was significantly updated:

In the new version, the skis became even more similar to each other both in the shape of the side cut, and in the profile of the longitudinal deflection, and in rigidity, and received a new geometry: Outline 117 mm, Francis Bacon 107 mm. Both skis remained perfectly parked symmetrical and soft. But, more changes, nevertheless, got the Outlines. Not just that they were made in the form of a new model, and not an updated Mordesay. They really did not become the wider Mordesai, but the wider Bacons creating a large-scale pair for them.

Both skis are very soft longitudinally and with a very accented side cut of a small radius, which promises to give maneuverability, ease of control and ride comfort in skiing - exactly what was in the old version of Sir Francis and what was not in Mordesay.

Well, now the line has become more full-fledged and a completely working ski has appeared in it for deep virgin lands with a waist of 117. Previously, everything interesting ended at waist 104, and, as you know, wide manoeuvrable freeride skis are very, very popular among beginners and fans of a comfortable weekend freeride days because such skis do not require speed, passable in any snow condition and do not force to work. Earlier, Lyne in this direction had not very successful Mordesai and not quite successful Supernaturals. Now there are two models at once: the updated Outlines and the old Sakana which changed colors in the new season and became brighter structurally unchanged.