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Ski Review: Atomic X9 S / Fischer RC / Volkl RC

Today is my favorite game: find the differences between the three best skis in the category of similar skis. It is this game that alpine skiing enthusiasts like to play, who decided that just because they ride fast today does not mean that they cannot do otherwise, but that they love speed and therefore they need expert-level speed skis for progress. And not just skiing, but the best skiing. Well, let's try to figure out what distinguishes three excellent skis from the category of near-sport carvings for a quick turn.

In the framework of this comparison, we will not talk about each ski in detail, because such a detailed story is already in the section with test results, here we will only point out the differences between these models.

Well, all three skis are indeed definitely one of the best in the class, and the presence of any of them in the park of any expert skiing enthusiast will not be a mistake. The only thing that you should definitely understand at the beginning of getting to know them is that these are skis for technical fast skiing, and not just for fast skiing resulting from the fact that there is not enough equipment for slow skiing. For beginners who have decided that speed is better and more correct for skiing, nevertheless, first learn how to ride and only after mastering the turning technique think about such skis. Also, I want to draw your attention additionally to the fact that Atomic was updated this season and this is not quite the same ski that was in previous seasons - be careful: this season they most likely will not get into the ratings.

Cutting turn.
Naturally, for such skis, the main and most important mode of skiing is cutting. It is for him that they are made, and it is precisely about efficiency in cutting management that we must speak about when comparing them in the first place. In terms of accuracy, intelligibility, and the acuteness of the cut-off reference, Fisher and Volkl are unambiguously leaders in this three. For these skis, the arc is the sharpest and most accurate. Atomics have a lot of agrash: you need to carefully slaughter into the ski arc and there is some noticeable transition when transferring the load from the nose to the backs. The difference between the leaders is that Fisher is a little more rail and the arc is more accurate and tenacious, but significantly less variable in turning radius. Volkl with a slightly lower grip is significantly more variable in riding rhythm and allows you to go into a smaller turn, although losing to Fisher in stability, but remaining very stable at speed.

Rolling turn.
In a rolling corner, Atomics will be clearly more interesting due to more comfortable riding on their noses and more controlled riding on the back. Volkl in this version of the ride will remain in the middle. Fischer’s list is closed because this option of skiing in this comparison triple is definitely not their strongest side: they are tenacious, which is good in cutting, but not in a sliding turn, they are fast and in such skiing they become too demanding on the level of skiing.

Universal skating.
From the point of view of universal skiing on public tracks with beginners, humps and traffic in tight spots in this three, the leaders with slight differences will be Volkl and Atomik: Volkl are more interesting in the transitions from a cut to a sliding turn and in combination with turns of different radii, Atomics are interesting in the comfort and softness of a rolling turn with the possibility of moving into, albeit not an ideal, cut turn. Fishers lose in such skating because their excellent efficiency in cutting leads does not compensate for their slowness and narrow focus on the rhythm of skating in a sliding turn.

To whom, where and in which skiing what to choose?
For skating in a strictly sporty style and only with a sharp turn, for progress in such skating, Fisher should be preferred. They will give accurate feedback during training and will work regardless of the rigidity of the track. When skiing in mountain resorts in which there is not only a velveteen sports track, but in skiing you want not only carving with an average and fast arc, you should prefer Volkl. They will allow you to cruise with a variety of cut arcs and ride around the resort from cafe to cafe with a rolling turn. If there is more sliding turn in skating and the preparedness of the tracks is unstable and often leaves much to be desired, then Atomics will be the most correct choice from this three.