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Ski Rating: Short turn skis

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Ski category for skiing on prepared tracks for short and very frequent turns. In these skis valued dynamics, spring and grip edges on a hard track. There are not only skis for slalom or SC category, but all skis that work in a short turn.

Honourable mentions:
Head Supershape i.Magnum

For an amazing combination of an effective short turn and a confident average arc without any special requirements for the level of riding. Skis capable of giving interesting skiing with a short turn without being a representative of the slalom category.

Stöckli Laser SL

For comfort, loyalty and ease of sliding in combination with a short radius which in total give the opportunity to ride in a slalom rhythm without killing physically, without fatigue and stress.

Top 3:
3d place: Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC

For simplicity, predictability, understandability and loyalty. On them, any skier can feel like an athlete from the World Cup. Not perfect, but interesting. For the accuracy of the cut arc, which is impossible to miss, but which does not force to remain only in its rhythm.

2nd place: Elan SLX

For maximum versatility both in the rhythm of skiing, and in the state of the track, and in dynamism: if you want to work on the track - easy, if you want to relax - please.

1st place: Völkl Racetiger SL

For a clear correspondence to the classical concepts of amateur slalom skiing: accurate, sharp, but loyal and variable.