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Ski Rating: Multipurpose skis

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Skis of the category of universal wagons for skiing without restrictions on the style of skiing and turning radius on prepared tracks. For such skis, cross-country ability on a broken and grip on a hard icy track, stability at speed and manoeuvrability with dynamics in short corners, good arching and comfort in lateral slippage are important.

Our top 3
3d place: Dynastar XpeedZone 4x4 82

Amazingly nice and soft ski. Third place for loyalty and ease of riding.

2nd place: Rossignol Experience 80CI

For ease of control and glide, turning skiing into a real vacation similar to gliding on water.

1st place: Salomon XDR 80 TI

For playfulness and complete versatility both in the quality of preparedness of the track, and in the style and rhythm of riding.