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Ski Rating: Long turn skis

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A category of skis for skiing on prepared tracks with high-speed turns of medium and large radius. In such skis, stability at speed is appreciated, grip of edges on a hard icy slope, patency on a soft and broken track, variability along the turning radius.

Honourable mentions:
Elan Amphibio 16 TI

For unlimited versatility in the rhythm of skiing, loyalty to the state of the track and the physical condition of the skier, for the sea of pleasure in cruise skiing.

Top 3:
3d place: Fischer RC4 WC RC

For the most accurate and confident cut arc in the style of a giant, but without prohibitive high-speed fanaticism.

2nd place: Volkl Racetiger RC

For the balance between efficiency and comfort, for power in a carved arc and the ability to ride comfortably outside of a sports style.

1st place: Elan GSX

For infinite longitudinal elasticity, the controllability that it gives forming a very comfortable ride in all possible styles and rhythms from a short sliding turn to high-speed carving.