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Semi carving turn

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    Level 1.3. Semi carving turn or drift. Introduction or why 1.3?

    At the end of the first level it is time to move on to the next level of skiing - carving. It have it own technique and we have some exercises that works and allows you to master this technique. However, practices showed that not all skiers are ready to learn carving technique.

    Level 1.3. Semi carving turn. First exercise "bulldozer".

    First, let's master a very important movement and obtain a most important skill in alpine skiing - learn how to dose the load on skis. For this there are not easy one, but a very effective exercise, "Bulldozer".

    Level 1.3. Semi carving turn. Scond exercise "Herringbone".

    We need to learn how put skis on the edge while riding by moving it from flat position. Many skiers mistakenly think that to edge skis they should simply put it to one side. This is not true. It must also be load correctly. And that we are going to learn.

    Level 1.3. Semi carving turn. "Step into the turn".

    Now let's put all obtained in the previous exercises skills together and obtain new complex skill that we need. Not easy to do, but very important progression.

    Level 1.3. Semi carving turn. Body align.

    Now we are going to do an exercise that is not directly related to the movement which we trying to master, but very useful. From practice sessions on a slope with real people we know, what the previous exercise inevitably leads to the same mistake, to the reversal of a body into the turn. This mistake is unpleasant and disgusting, pulls a lot of unpleasant moments, and we should get rid of it immediately as soon as it appears. If such a rotation of the body doesn't appear, the exercise is still worth doing. It can't do much harm as other exercises and in any case will be useful.

    Level 1.3. Semi carving turn. Semi turn - Put all together and go.

    Well, we come to the final part of this tutorial section, and now we have to put all that we have learned together and come to what we talked about, and that showed in the first chapter of this part. Now let's not waste time on repetitive description of semi carving turn, but simply note the specific technical points which facilitate your understanding of this technical element.