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Ski Rating: Frontside Freeride

The ski category for skiing within the ski resort, but without freedom restrictions, by the borders of the prepared tracks. With such skiing, stability at speed and good grip of edges on a hard or even ice slope are valuable, good vibration damping when riding on broken, rolled or heterogeneous snow, versatility in the style of skiing allows you to carve on the track and slip in good light snow after good snowfall. Skis should be universal in skiing and as effective as possible on soft or fresh snow, and on a hard slope.


Ski Rating: Long turn skis

A category of skis for skiing on prepared tracks with high-speed turns of medium and large radius. In such skis, stability at speed is appreciated, grip of edges on a hard icy slope, patency on a soft and broken track, variability along the turning radius.


Ski Rating: Short turn skis

Ski category for skiing on prepared tracks for short and very frequent turns. In these skis valued dynamics, spring and grip edges on a hard track. There are not only skis for slalom or SC category, but all skis that work in a short turn.


Ski Rating: Multipurpose skis

Skis of the category of universal wagons for skiing without restrictions on the style of skiing and turning radius on prepared tracks. For such skis, cross-country ability on a broken and grip on a hard icy track, stability at speed and manoeuvrability with dynamics in short corners, good arching and comfort in lateral slippage are important.


Ski Rating: Beginner Skis

Skis of the simplest and most common category - for skiing for the purpose of relaxation without a certain style, without a high level of technology, without aggression, without speed, but with pleasure. For skis of this category, ease of management, riding comfort, cross-country ability, independence from the quality of the preparation of the route and the snow conditions are important - skiing in any conditions should be a pleasure.


Ski Rating: Freeride (under 100mm waist)

Freeride is not only waist-deep in fresh snow. After a snowfall, it is possible to fly out of the track with pleasure to grab fresh snow without giving up the pleasure of driving along velveteen. One hobby does not have to lead to a rejection of another. It is for this combination that there are skis with a waist from 90 to 100 mm. which work perfectly on the track and allow you to enjoy skiing in the fresh snow between the tracks. Such skis are tested in the snow and on the track and have two performance ratings.


Ski Rating: High Performance

Test results of high-performance men's skis on tests according to the Worldskitest program. In this category, skis are collected for experts who are well versed in technology, but not specifically focused on sports skiing, but who are looking for versatility in skiing rhythms in skiing and high efficiency in dynamic skiing on any piste.


Ski Rating: Freeride

Freeride skis with a waist width of more than 100 mm. Skis are tested in virgin conditions and evaluated by the effectiveness of ascent, stability at speed, manoeuvrability and versatility in the quality and structure of snow from hard rolled with crust and crust to soft.


Ski Rating: Race SL

Slalom is the most technical and most dynamic sports discipline in alpine skiing. Upper amateur slalom skiing is tested in this category. Skis from the World Cup (sport workshop) do not fall here, which is not surprising because athletes themselves will perfectly understand what they are to perform, unlike those who prefer short dynamic turns in skiing.


Ski Rating: AllMountain

Skis that in the Russian version can be called "Universal" or, more precisely - track universals. Probably the most popular category among average skiers. They are expected from them both an excellent grip on hard, and softness of sliding on broken soft snow, and the dynamics of sports skis. But do they always live up to expectations?