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On-piste skiing

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    On-Piste Skiing: After learning the basics

    Well, you already know how to make a sliding turn and to ski with pleasure on nearly every slope. But not everything is that clear and simple now. For instance, what to do on an icy or a very steep slope? There are still a lot of questions. But the main thing that you now would probably want to ski like an expert as soon as possible - to ski at high speed and at the same time to control everything that happens.


    On-Piste Skiing: Parallel Skiing

    Now you already know how to control the speed, do snowplough turns with a transition to parallel movement of skis. Now you can move on to the next stage of development of your ski technique. Let's look at the full parallel skis turn without the snowplough.


    On-Piste Skiing: First parallel ski turns

    If you can move along a predetermined path in the snowplough by shifting the body weight to the outside ski or changing the angle of skis, it's time for you to move on to the parallel skiing.


    On-Piste Skiing: The Scraper

    When you have learned to ski in a position of the snowplough you can ski in this position as long as you want. However, as you practice more and more, you begin to see that your skis become parallel themselves. Instead of waiting for a long time you can practice skiing on parallel skis right away after mastering the snowplough.


    On-Piste Skiing: The Mill

    This basic skiing tutorial features a new exercise called "The Mill". It will further improve your turning skills


    On-Piste Skiing: Your first turns

    This Basic On-Piste Skiing Tutorial presents a new exercise that will help you to make your first ski turns.


    On-Piste Skiing: Speed control in the snowplough

    This tutorial focuses on the snowplough movements, which will add dynamics to your first downhill experience.


    On-Piste Skiing: First Snowplough Movements

    Your main task at this stage of learning how to ski is to control the ski when using the snowplough. To achieve this you have to feel and understand how our actions affect the interaction between the ski and the slope.


    On-Piste Skiing: The Snowplough

    In the first part of our basic on-piste skiing tutorial we will learn the first skiing position called "the snowplough".


    On-Piste Skiing: Choosing the right place

    In this part of our basic on-piste skiing tutorial we will talk about choosing the right place for your first skiing exercises.