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ISPO rewiev

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Everything good sometimes ends. The main exebition of skiing industry has also ended and left lots of memories and emotions. We always have tons of information in our heads during ISPO but only the brightest ones stays for a long time. What is the essence of this ISPO?

What should be noticed at first: the amount of represented companies has shortened. There were less companies and because of that less new things. Companies are trying to optimize their serieses. But there were a lot of new things. Atomic has recreated their carve line. It was good but they decided to change it. Some improvements could be made in freeride line, but it remains the same. Anyway, now there is a brand new series of carve skis.

As it was expected, Salomon expanded QST series and created AllMountain skis.

Head now has a new series of skis for freeride. Old skis just became good and were replaced.

Volkl, finally, clened up the mess they made and now there is finilazed line.

Another fact is that there is a new general trend. Companies are trying to unite different styles: carving, freeride, touring. During last 10 years they were trying to devide it on different lines and serieses. The brightest example of that is new lightweight 130-flex boots which could be used with all types of bindings from TLT to race. One pair suits all situations. Now nearly all companies have this boots in their lines.

Most innovative company - Armada. New skis, new lines, new styles, new dysign. There is a new line of skis that could be used for touring.

The most interesting product is Elan folding skis. There were no such skis in industry before. However unsymmetrical Blizzard skis can fight for this title.

Dissapearance of Pettitor and Gunsmoke are the saddest news from this ISPO.

That were exellent skis and now this room is open. However it will not be empty for a long time, i'm sure. Smart guys from different companies understood that and maybe soon we will see results of their brainwork. Even that there were such people on this exebition: Aurelien Ducroz on Movement stand, Julien Regnier on Black Crows, Jackie Paaso and Eva Walkner on Blizzard.