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Ski tests

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Ski Test: Nordica GT 76Ti

Today, the tests are not the most interesting for me in terms of skiing, but interesting in terms of the changes that the manufacturer announced in them. The company of Nordic is personally pretty in many respects for me and I would like their skis to become more widespread and affordable for a larger number of skiers, which so far is not exactly working out. Well, we’re going to check on a test track that they got in a not very loyal state - both cool and harsh for amateur skis.


Ski Test: Nordica GT 80 Ti

Today, the tests are not the best and most successful conditions for testing universal wagons: hard and icy snow for which it’s not easy to cling to carves, but there is something to knock at the breakdowns - a frozen velveteen that has risen with a stake. Well, whatever they may be, but these are absolutely real conditions in which every owner of a station wagon can get into skiing. Let's check the station wagons from Nordica that they can show.


Ski Test: Line Sakana

I honestly don’t know how these skis fell on those tests in which I tested them, nor how they should be tested under such conditions, but there are skis, there is a mountain, and there is not the slightest reason not to try them in practice. After all, it’s really somehow people ask themselves how such skis will work on a prepared track if you buy them as the only skis for all occasions. It was in this vein that I decided to check them: what if I have only such skis and I arrived at the resort and there is nothing besides the track.


Ski Test: Atomic Redster X5

Today on the test day's agenda are the easiest to ski, but the most difficult to evaluate skis. I have been testing them for several years, nothing has changed in them, but every time on the test it is especially difficult for me to give them an assessment and make a final decision on the question: are they good or not? But it is precisely this answer that readers and viewers looking at the report from the test look for in tests. Well, another test and another difficulty assessment.


Ski Test: Elan GSX

Being well acquainted with these skis, going onto a hard frosty track with morning velveteen, I honestly admit, I did not expect anything heroic from them, realizing that everything I like about them: longitudinal softness, comfort and variability in the rhythm of rotation - in such conditions should work against them. And what happened in the end? Let's get it right.


Ski Test: Atomic Redster X9 S

Here you go and here you go - bam! and the second shift ... Here you are testing, testing - nothing changes from year to year, I decided to conduct an experiment and try the well-known skis in new boots and - Whack! The skis have changed. This is exactly what happened to me in the new Atomic Redster X9 ski season when testing boots with 110 hardness. And now the details.


Ski Test: Dynastar SpeedZone 4x4 82

The dynastar not only did not please us with good skis for a long time, but rather, upset them with the disappearance. I am still pleased to recall their successful series of track wagons that were very similar to the modern XDR from Salomon and which disappeared without a trace. Well, today in the tests we check in practice a new model and see what good and new they are ready to give us in skating.


Ski Test: Volkl Deacon 80

Tourists with a waist of 80 - definitely there is no more popular, popular and sought-after ski category. The secret of popularity is simple as skiing for vacationers, beginners, not experts. And such skis should be soft, loyal, easy to ride, comfortable and fun. It is from this position that it is necessary to evaluate the skis of this class, which we will now do with the novelty of this season from Völkl.


Ski Test: Nordica Enforcer 88

In the last couple of years, a category of skis that previously was difficult to cram into the standard category - skis with a waist of 90-100 that are not carvies, and not park skis, and not skis, has received special development both in terms of production and in terms of demand. Freeride because the waist is 90-100. Now we can definitely say that such skis have formed a new category of skis for free-skiing within the resort. And today we test one of these skis.


Ski Test: Nordica Spitfire RB 72

You can love or dislike karv skiing from Nordika, but it is impossible not to recognize them in skiing as a ski tester. They have always been very characteristic: excellent rail and powerful, but in one narrow range of one turning radius. Personally, I don’t like this kind of skiing because I myself love the variability in rhythm and this is exactly what I expected from the version of skis updated this season. Well, the time has come to check whether my hopes have come true or not. Let's go check.