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Equipment Review: Helmetex Odour Neutraliser

Alpine skiing is wonderful: great views, great company, relaxation, sun, fun and clean air. It seems that nothing can overshadow such a wonderful time. But exactly until the household and inventory issues begin. And here it turns out that skiing is still a sport, and sport is a load, load is sweat, and sweat, whether we like it or not, is an unpleasant smell. but can somehow unpleasantly defeat unpleasant odors of sportswear and shoes with little blood? We understand.

Equipment Review: Arva EVO5 Avalanche Transceiver

Whether we like it or not, skiing freeride is dangerous - avalanches have come and go, and will go. We cannot cancel them and therefore we must do everything possible to reduce the likelihood of getting into them and their negative impact on our lives. Using avalanche sensors (beeper) helps to quickly find a person who has got into an avalanche. Arva company specializing in avalanche equipment in the new season presents a new beeper - Evo5.

Equipment Review: Fritchi Tecton Bindings

In total, last year we announced Tecton mounts from Fritschi, and already this season they not only occupy a well-deserved leading place in their category of TLT mounts with Alpine-heel leading positions, but also survived the first stage of modification. Not significant, but significant because the modification touched on the problem identified by a sufficiently large number of users.

Equipment Rewiev: Roxa R-Fit

Roxa, for me personally, but I’m sure for many alpine skiing lovers who are familiar with their boots, this is primarily a park-freerad company. It is the boots for the park and for freeride that make up the main backbone of the product line. But, time does not stand still and in the new season the company begins an attack on the segment of track boots in the classic catalytic format. The first to launch an offensive is the new R-Fit boot series.

Equipment Review: Roxa Boots

The theatre begins with a coat rack, and alpine skiing begins with ski boots. In my opinion, boots are the most important part of the ammunition: you won’t be able to ride in bad or inappropriate boots regardless of the quality of the skis, clothes, preparedness of the tracks or the weather - bad boots will spoil the whole ride. Roxa is not the most famous, but noteworthy, brand, because recently it has been extremely actively popularized and certainly worth at least a little dive into the product line of this brand.

Equipment Review: Head Radar Helmet

Of course, the Head company always had in its assortment not only skis and boots, which for the most part were good, but also masks, helmets, protection, and other peripheral equipment that I frankly did not notice and did not pay due attention to it. And, frankly, there was never anything heroic there because these directions are usually optional for large manufacturers. But, this year it is not possible to get past the helmets from Head due to the appearance of the visor helmet, which is very popular among Russians. We understand what it is and what it is eaten with.

Equipment Review: Head Edge LYT Boots

Last season, Head pleased us with several bright innovations in the field of ski boots. Although it is not clear whether or not it was that pleasant because as a result of testing, nothing good came out, no new model demonstrated anything good. Still, this is better than nothing. This season is also not without new products by Head. Let's look at what's new this time in the section of ski boots of the Head catalogue.

Equipment Review: K2 Mindbender Boots

Today, every self-respecting company that produces ski boots must have universal boots for skiing and for a ski tour combining compatibility with TLT and Alpine mounts. And few people today will recall that it was K2, being far from a boot company, that were among the first to introduce such a solution. Since then, a lot of time has passed and it's time to change something in the models with which it all began in this direction. Moreover, there is a good reason for updating the boots - the new Mindbender ski series.