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Gear review: Rossignol 7Series HD (season 2016-17)

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Rossignol sets challenging puzzle - how to talk about new models if there is no new models? A long-term stagnation and crisis in the direction of new developments continues. Up to a certain point, all changes were only design changes, but such changes were reduced to a minimum. But still there is something new in this season.

This season, Rossi continues to work with 7Series. Fact that such choice was made causing an issue. This series is almost the only series that do not cause strong criticism for riding qualities. But a series of amateur cavre skis or Al Mountain skis shows nothing good in riding and there are a lot of things to improve. Why they decided to improve skis that is already good?

Changes have occurred in a 7series. It is really difficult to determine and evaluate this changes. Even the representatives were confused and didn't manage to discribe what has changed, how it will work and what this changes are made for. Innovations touched manufacturing technologies of reinforcement layer inside skis. Reinforcing layer fibers themselves has changed and their direction relative to the longitudinal axis of the ski. Design and name were changed too, if the addition of HD consoles title can be considered as a name change. We can discuss the effectiveness of the changes of all of the inner layers only after riding. We can never guess that in theory. All parameters such as geometry, shape, and all the other ski parameters remained unchanged so there is nothing more to talk about.

Rossignol's policies and behavior on the market seriously upsets. We hope that the lack of innovation and progress related to processes within the company and refers specifically to company. I do not want it to be the first bell of stagnation of the industry.

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