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Gear review: BCA trancievers (season 2016-17)

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For a long time BCA company has been seriously engaged by the production of avalanche equipment and in its lineup there is only characteristic of practical utility model - no marketing and innovations for new products. In the line there are only necessary and sufficient equipment and that's why review can have several meanings - to tell about the product and to make an excursion to the variety of inventory types. Let's dive in and look at what's what.

In the line of avalanche trancievers there are only three models: Tracker DTS, Tracker2 and T3. And they all are completely different.

The most simple and cheapest model - Tracker DTS. Two antennas and a simple diode interface. Model for those who have perfect search skills or did not owned them at all. In the first case it is sufficient, and in experienced hands, it quickly will find the target. In the second case, any, even a very advanced tranciever is powerless and its main function is to send signal. The model is simple, affordable and reliable. It does not have search group and labeling and that is its main disadvantage.

Second model is Tracker2. This tranciever have 3 antennas. With simple and intuitive interface on which there is nothing useless. With the search function of group goals and labeling - all of functions that have modern trancievers.

And the top model is T3. It is the most lightweight and compact tranciever with 3 antennas and all features of modern tranciever. Everything unnecessary was removed to preserve functionality. Even the quantity of batteries was reduced for weight reduction. Software changes via USB cable using tools that could be downloaded from the company's website.

That are all BCA's trancievers. That's all. No need to choose and suffer from this choosing. Begginer who don't plan to improve his search skills - Tracker, rider - Tracker2, rider who wishing to progress and to be a leader in the group, the rescuer, the guide - T3. And there is no need to spend time and energy on choosing. There are many things that is more interesting than choicing tranciever.

All BCA products have the same strategy - just what you need, only what works and does not require additional costs and attention. That what i like in this company. I also love to ride on skis and the rest is not very much. If you have the same attitude to the question what is company for you and its products are excellent coise for you. But if you need fashionable and prestigious it is exactly no.