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On-Piste Skiing: Your first turns

Now we need to learn how to turn. Let's do some simple exercises that will help you to learn some moves and get the feeling that will make it easier to master the technique of turns. That feeling is fundamental in alpine skiing. Never seek to learn skiing through the understanding of what you should do in theory. Always pay attention to the feelings in action.

Let's start with an exercise called "the compass" and draw a circle on the slope like a compass draws circles on paper. It will be a bit more difficult than drawing on paper, but not so difficult to give up skiing.

For this exercise, you'd need a slope of an average gradient. It is crucial that there are not many people and it is not icy. It will be easier to perform this exercise when there is something for the ski edges to grasp at.

Starting position is standard: get up to the position of the snowplough and take the poles in front of you. It is essential, as always, that your body is leaned forward and you will feel the pressure at the front upper cuff of your boots.

Now you start sliding down the slope with one hand going down towards the boot so that the pole touches the slope.

It is not necessary to stick a pole into the slope or to rely on it. Just touch a slope with the pole without pressure. Try to keep the second arm is in the initial position as much as possible.

Start moving. Skis will begin to slide making a line in the shape of an arc. Your task is to memorise all the feelings that will appear when lowering down the arms. And as soon as you lower the arms to the slope the weight of the body will be transferred to the ski towards which you lower the arm. The pressure on the second ski is on the contrary released. As a result, the sliding will occur in an arc so that the lowered hand is outside of the arc. Slide until you turn around and start moving across the slope and return to starting position. Now repeat all these steps but with the other arm lowered and you make an arc to the other side. Then alternate the arcs and move to the end of the slope. Like this:

At this stage, it is imperative to feel that the ski begins to grasp the slope well and tends to slide along its longitudinal axis when you move your body above this ski. Meanwhile, the unloaded ski can slide in all directions. You need to feel and learn how to control the course of your movement by making turns by shifting your body from one foot to the other in the position of the snowplough.

Next exercise whitch will help you to master the turn

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