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On-Piste Skiing: First Snowplough Movements

Your main task at this stage of learning how to ski is to control the ski when using the snowplough. To achieve this you have to feel and understand how our actions affect the interaction between the ski and the slope.

Descent with the snowplough, and speed control.

Firstly, we need to learn to go down and use the snowplough position to control the speed. For this, we need a smooth and preferably empty slope. It is desirable that there is no ice and bumps as well. Try to find one. In the morning the slopes of the majority of resorts are in that condition. Just do not sleep till noon, and come to the mountain early.

Get up in the snowplough position and start sliding down. Your skis will move downwards thereby tending to become parallel, but your task is not to let them do it. To prevent skis from being parallel again, you will have to apply pressure on the tails of the skis. There is one global complexity. In the previous tutorial, we said that you must lean forward and press the shovels of the skis. The thing is that while sliding downwards, nothing changes and you still press the shovels of the skis. You press the tails only for keeping them apart. If it happens and the tails come together, you will slide down very fast. In this case, speed control is done by pressing the shovels of the skis and keeping the tails apart from each other. The more we press noses of the skis, the more distance is between the tails, the slower we ride.

The pressure on the skis must be approximately the same. But you don't need to think about it at this stage. It will only distract you. It's not as much simple as it may seem, and it requires considerable effort.

This exercise is not simple from a physical standpoint. Try to choose the place of exercise so that your descent will be rather short. 300-450 meters will be enough to start. Otherwise, you may get tired, and this exercise will become not very enjoyable. The strain on your leg muscles will be quite noticeable and not very familiar to most people so that fatigue can occur quickly enough. This will lead to difficulties in controlling the speed, and you can break into uncontrollable downward sliding with the development of speed. It is not good at an early stage. Rushing is not worth it.

Your task is to slide in the snowplough to a point where you can without any physical and psychological slide down the slope whilst fully controlling your speed. Do not hurry. Bring this movement to perfection and move on to the next item.

Let's move down the slope

Learn how to control speed and move on to next exercise

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