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On-Piste Skiing: After learning the basics

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Well, you already know how to make a sliding turn and to ski with pleasure on nearly every slope. But not everything is that clear and simple now. For instance, what to do on an icy or a very steep slope? There are still a lot of questions. But the main thing that you now would probably want to ski like an expert as soon as possible - to ski at high speed and at the same time to control everything that happens.

Everything is well and good. You now can ski on a decent level and probably want to learn as many new skiing skills and techniques as possible. However, let's nor rush at take some time to polish out some bits and bobs here and there.

Considering that you read all our tutorials and were able to practice all the movements described there thoroughly, you now have a risk of making a huge mistake: you can think that you have mastered the primary level and can proceed to the next. This kind of thinking the biggest mistake that can be made at this stage. Why?

In the basic part of this tutorial only talked about technique and have received just technical skills. But we didn't say a word about the most crucial component of alpine skiing - balance. It's a skill that can't be felt or explained. It can only be gained from experience and special exercises. And those we have not yet done.

In the next stages of exploration and development of your technique, you will need balance. The new movements will be even harder, and you won't have to be distracted by the fundamental questions of the initial level. Those elements that you should have been mastered by now. To the point when you don't think about what and how you do, simply do and do well. Only then can you move on to the next level.

Take your time. Try exercise even more. Try to ski in an artificially more complicated manner. Change the tempo of skiing. Move to different ski slopes and snow conditions. In a nutshell, it takes practice, lots of practice.

When you feel that all the elements of the sliding turn, let alone the snowplough, are fully understood; when you can vary turn radii; when you can ski at different speeds without any problems - only then can you move to the next stage of ski technique development.