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Ski collection review: Scott Slight 18/19

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At first, there was no apparent reason for Scott to issue Slight series, at the end of the day, they already had Black Majic which was quite popular at the time. But after two seasons everything became pretty clear.

As good as Slight series is, it is not as excellent as Black Majic. But this series, as well as the Sage series, is for some reasons terminated. So now Scott has only one series of all-mountain skis - Slight.

The series consists of four models:
1. 83mm - a typical geometry for all-mountain skis, the most popular one.
2. 80mm - this is what this internal competition with Black Majic is going on for. But Black Majic had soft shovels and this model is much stiffer.
3. 93mm - a ski for all-mountain experts. This geometry has to work at all kinds of snow conditions and terrain at frontside. This is not a substitution for The Ski, because it's just too fast and too stable to compare with The Ski.
4. 100mm - the most debatable and strange ski model. It is so stiff that it would be better to ride on-piste, but its geometry doesn't allow the ski to be good on-piste. It is unclear where to carve on this ski. That is why it is debatable whether to call it an all-mountain ski because similar Sage was at least not as stiff.

These are classical on-piste skis, just as before, nothing new at all. The skis are stiff for a better stability at a high speed. Even though 16 meters radius is declared, with such high-speed abilities this is hard to achieve. Previous versions of Slight skis have been proven on tests that a 16 meters turn is almost impossible. The rocker is long and very smooth with a small hight so it is advised to choose a bit longer ski then usual. The skis look like they are going to be very stable and grasping.

Seems like guys at Scott got tired of criticism from experts about how their skis are ineffective on hard snow and they have decided to get rid of all the comfortable skis and swap them with more grasping ones. As a result, the good skis Black Majic, which the target audience liked and appreciated has been replaced with a mediocre ski series. It is easy to find a ski similar to Slight, but it is not easy to find one for Black Majic.

Well, here is a strange marketing strategy by Scott, the result of which will be known after a couple of seasons. The only thing left to do is to test the skis. Let's hope that someday we'll see something like Black Majic once again.

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