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Equipment Review: Helmetex Odour Neutraliser

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Alpine skiing is wonderful: great views, great company, relaxation, sun, fun and clean air. It seems that nothing can overshadow such a wonderful time. But exactly until the household and inventory issues begin. And here it turns out that skiing is still a sport, and sport is a load, load is sweat, and sweat, whether we like it or not, is an unpleasant smell. but can somehow unpleasantly defeat unpleasant odors of sportswear and shoes with little blood? We understand.

No matter how technologically advanced ski clothing, the unpleasant smell from jackets and boots sooner or later appears. There are a lot of reasons for this, starting from a banal sweat and lack of conditions necessary for proper care after skiing, ending with the biological characteristics of each person - bacteria, fungi and other factors. We often ride on trips while living in hotels where there are not always dryers and the ability to wash clothes in a timely manner after riding, and not everything can be washed easily: expensive membrane jackets are a pity to wash, like expensive and molded boots. So it turns out that on the third or fourth day there is an awkward state when you want to take off your jacket or boots in a cafe, but something stops ... What can you do and how can you find a way out of this situation?

Naturally, today a rather large number of solutions to combat odors of a sports form are offered and we decided not to guess and analyze, but to test the main options and determine the most interesting and working one. Since testing lasted a long time and was very time-consuming because at first we did not think about testing, but just bought different tools and used for ourselves, we will no longer be able to list in detail the results of each tool, and therefore today we summarize the research and announce the winner.

So. For all the time of the experiments, it was possible to try different means that can be divided into three main groups according to the method of work: deodorants, funds from fungi and bacteria, odor neutralizers.

Deodorants are the most useless that there is and can be. They do not reduce the smell in any way, but only try to interrupt it with their stronger smell. As a result, the smells simply mix and if before use there was a smell reminding that someone had died, then after applying a deodorant with the aroma of a Christmas tree, lilac or mint, a smell appears as if someone had died under a Christmas tree, lilac or in a mint field. Horror. Only works with a very faint odor.

Means of combating fungus do not fight with smell, but with a source of smell - fungus. They work only if the cause of the smell is precisely the fungus or bacteria. But, sweat is not a fungus and they do not fight with the smell of sweat in any way. In addition, they have their own strong enough smell that can not be called pleasant and if before use there was an unpleasant odor from bacteria, then an unpleasant odor from the product appears. If such tools help you, then there is one hundred percent sense to contact a dermatologist and cure fungi or other sources of bacteria that give an odor. Once cured - the problem is gone.

Odor neutralizers are the most effective solution. They have their own rather restrained, pleasant and neutral smell. On the one hand, they not only remove the smell from the action of bacteria, and the bacteria themselves do not emit a smell, but also kill the bacteria themselves so that they no longer add products that are the source of stench, on the other hand they break down the molecules that emit a smell into non-smelling components. This is if you delve into the instructions and principle of action. In fact, it works like this: if there is smelling clothes or shoes - we spray it - we get no smelling. From all the smells, only the smell of the product itself remains.

Odor neutralizers are different, but it seemed to us the most interesting - Helmetex Sport for uniforms and clothes and Shoes for shoes.

The clothing product is less aggressive in terms of its effect on bacteria and has a milder odor; for shoes, it is stronger and more aggressive. The packaging is very convenient for use and for transportation - a compact spray can with which is definitely enough for a trip on vacation, even if you use the product daily. Application and use is simple to primitive: after drying, spray the agent on a dried surface and let the agent act without additional forced drying - the agent will act and dry itself and that’s all. Moreover, when testing the effectiveness, and testing is already in the habit, and otherwise we can’t, we asked the tool a completely difficult task: we took a well-sweated hockey uniform that did not work for 15 workouts and dried if possible, threw it in a bag when wet and spraying inside the bag, the product closed the bag for a day. Surprisingly, the next day, the form, without drying out, certainly had an unpleasant odor, but in a completely restrained volume. Not a single similar product showed even a comparable result even when applied on a dry form in a dryer.

In combination with a membrane or other specialized surfaces, there are no problems. When applied to the membrane, there are no consequences: the product does not interact and does not damage the membrane. Colors do not fade or get dirty; there were no spots on any type of surface. Even surfaces that are very sensitive to processing, for example, the surface of the hands on hockey gloves that must be soft in order to feel the stick when using Helmetex, do not become coarse, although even when washed with water they become unacceptably hard.

An ideal tool for permanent use with a form that does not work or, for any reason, does not want to be washed. Very convenient for use on trips on vacation, even in a hiking format. If you can purchase the product in larger packaging, the bottle can be used repeatedly. The cost is also extremely pleasant.

We do not sell and are in no way associated with the manufacturer of this product, but only use it in our skating and sports and share our experience. In principle, for the first time with odor neutralizers, but really I didn’t know what kind of remedy was used then, I came across a good rental in Italy. I really liked this topic and remembered it and suddenly, over time, I began to see the use of neutralizers in advanced rentals in Russia. What was pleasantly surprised and pleased. In one of the rentals, I found out that there is a Helmetex tool that I decided to try and, as a result, this report appeared.