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Equipment Review: Fritchi Tecton Bindings

In total, last year we announced Tecton mounts from Fritschi, and already this season they not only occupy a well-deserved leading place in their category of TLT mounts with Alpine-heel leading positions, but also survived the first stage of modification. Not significant, but significant because the modification touched on the problem identified by a sufficiently large number of users.

In general, an interesting story turns out with them: some inventory exists for years, but only after several years, it turns out that it was flawed. With Tectons, everything is different: they did not have time to really be born and immediately a flaw appeared that everyone noticed. It is surprising that the flaw is so insignificant that there can only be one conclusion from the fact that many people noticed it - the mounts turned out to be really successful, popular and necessary, and that is just why many people immediately tried them and immediately experienced all their advantages and disadvantages and only one flaw was revealed and it was rather insignificant because no others were found.

In the mounts everything is more than excellent and they are really good except that in case of a ski tour with a strong deflection of the boot forward, the mount head not only rests on the toe of the boot, but also with a certain effort knocks the boot. Directly in our catalytic practice, this situation was with the Salomon MTN LAB boot. A shoe made of light and soft plastic and a sock sank significantly. The problem is solved elementarily even in the field - just lower the toe of the boot in boiling water. But there is a problem. On hard boots, the sock does not suffer, but significant abnormal loads on the fasteners appear, which can lead to breakage of either the fasteners on the boot or the pins of the fasteners. Both are extremely unpleasant. In the new season, Fritschi finalized the front of the mounts and now there is no problem.

The refinement is not global, but sufficient - on the mode switch that the boot rested on, they simply sawed off the part that rested and missed the toe of the boot. The switch became more sloping and sunken and the touch with the boot stopped. Now you can safely roll up your shoe as deep as you like.

In principle, the owners of the old version of Tectons can take a file or other cutting tool and cut the ledge on the switch on their own and the result will be the same. Those who have not yet bought Tectons can wait for the new version to appear on sale and not saw anything to get fastenings in which the boot does not rest. Otherwise, there are no changes to the mounts. As before, these are the only mounts in which in the riding mode the front TLT-part can deviate from the longitudinal axis in the same way as alpine-mounts can do it.

Two things are nice about this change: firstly, it’s nice that the problem was solved because it really was, and secondly, it’s nice that Fritschi follow feedback from skiers and quickly respond to it. You must admit that identifying a problem and solving it in a season is not bad at all, and monitoring practitioners' opinions has long been a rarity in the ski industry. It's nice that Fritschi behave like those who make equipment for skiers, and not just for business.